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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Rainbow Mushrooms

Mrs.Morgan's Mushrooms 

Victoria, Yareli, Emmily, 
James, Lucy, 
Peyton C., Braylee
4th period-2021
Kyla, Kaylynn, 
Maiyah & Chloe
4th period 2021

5th Period 2021
Destinee, Stephanie, Peyton,
Maleighna, Tania, Lyndie,
Carie, Myah & Janette

Ainsley and Josilen 7th grade

Olivia 8th grade

This lesson will use Perspective Techniques that we used in the 

JellyFish lesson. 

You will be concentrating on showing Mushrooms 

from High, Eye Level and Low. 

After studying the parts of a mushroom, you will be able to show them better in your final drawing. 

First you need to Practice. 

This is a STUDY, so you will need label your sketch with the 

Main FIVE parts. 

Danielle V. 7th grade drawing 

Ainsley S. 7th grade finished drawing 

Here are some examples.... 

Not challenging enough?... Click below. 


Taking it to another CREATIVE PERSPECTIVE

draw with The Looming Morrow

After you have practiced, we will begin drawing it on bigger paper. 

1. Draw light til you know it’s right. 

Draw 3 mushrooms or more with use of depth & space techniques along with 3 perspectives. 

2. Outline with a black permanent marker. 

3. Add shading with pencil on one side only. 
Have a recognizable light source. 

*Blendy stump will help. 
4. Add fat dots (nickel size) almost touching with 
coloring markers (not permanent). Go all the way to edges. 
Fill in entirely.

Want a 100? 


-3 or more Mushrooms - 45 pts. 

-3 Perspectives- 15 pts. 

 (high, low, eye level) 

-Depth and Space -10 pts 

 (overlapping, value, size, ect). 

-Trace with Sharpie, Shade with Pencil- 10 pts. 

 (1 recognizable light source)

-Use marker water bleed technique -20 pts. 

from the link below. 

We will be using a marker paint technique for the background... 

*For more info about technique 

See Here. 


Need a Change of Scenery ? 

Try using repeated radiating lines in the background for a funky feel... 
Draw shapes or lines in the background, repeat and radiate outward. 
Use 3 or more colors. 

Click below for more ideas...