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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Busy Bees

Student Art
Ayers Bees 
Grant, lisMary, Katie,
Maddison & Jessie.

Baylor Bees
Eli, Kimbers, Rory,
Sophia & Khina.

Wycopen Bees
Vivian & Arian

Wycopen bees
Jordan, William, Alanna,

Thomas's Kinder Class
Shaheer, Jackie, Ben,
Carys, Aria,
Aidon, Ethiopia & McKinley

Mrs. Fortner's KinderGarden class
 Ryleigh, Cameron,
Daniel & Ithiel.

Victoria, Owen, Cason,
Max & Romina.

Great videos for an ART smart start
Use purple, blue, pinks and reds to make a sky back ground. 
THese colors will help the bumble bees stand out. 

I show the class a variety of bee pictures, cartoons and clipart images. I explain that a BEE can be drawn in many different ways. I showed the 2 ways to draw the bee. As an insect, it has three segments. But most drawings are done with one oval or a circle head with an oval body. 

Begin on yellow paper drawing your bees with a pencil. Outline the body with a marker.