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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Pet Portraits

One class of 6-8th graders volunteered to draw pet portraits 
For the local animal shelter. 

This is how we started. 
Drawing Pet Portraits
We practiced with grade drawings on a contour line dog. 
Student pick their dog to draw when done. 
We use a black and white copies of their dog and draw a grid on top of the copy.

Draw a grid on the black and white photo and 
label numerically and alphabetically along edges
(we used 1/2 inch measurements)
Trace over main lines of pet and details of pet with a pencil to define the edges and lines. 
(I keep a clean copy of the pet to use later and a copy I draw grid on)

Draw a larger grid onto white paper. Make sure to do lines lightly
 because they will be erased after completed. Transfer the main lines you drew onto the pet photo to the plain white paper. Focus on one square at a time. 

Here are some examples of 4 dogs before I added the pen details. 

Start Adding Pen... 
There are many techniques to value and detail with pen. 
These have been practiced previously by students on the above worksheet. 
Hatching, Cross Hatching, Stippling and Scribbling. 
I use a combination of these depending on the darkness and texture of the area. 

Example Here of pen detail...
 Add Details, Darkness and Texture with a think sharpie.


Student Drawings from 5th period art

Monday, December 2, 2019

MonoChromatic Hot Air Balloons

Student Examples 
1st period 

Kayla Clark, Corbin Collier, Yuka Torres, Stephanie Rojas,

Jason Rushing, Rylee Adley, Anonymous & Kaleece Palmer
2nd period 

Lucy Goodson, Mariana D. , Yareli,
Chance Williams , Moses Medellin & Addyson Blackwell

3rd Period
Kaylee (6), Ethan (7), 
Danielle (6) & Carie (6)

Caroline, Ethan

Josilen & Bailee
4 , 8, 9th periods
Breanna R., Krissie, Chevelle,
Briana, Shayla & Luke
Bryan, Kaily, Athena,
Maiyah, David & Nathalie
Inspired by HILDA and Gravity Falls

Practice drawing Hot Air Balloons and Clouds

6-8th graders practice drawing Hot Air Balloons
at Mineola Middle School
MonoChromatic Cloud Lesson Here


One color plus variations of shade and tint. 

What color will you use for your Monochromatic Landscape?
You can only choose ONE. 
The light side of your scene should use white.
The darker side of your scene should have the darker shade of your color.


 1. Draw 3 or more Hot Air Balloons
a. must use contour line on each one

b. must have three different sizes. 
1. small close to horizon line
2. big farther from horizon line

50 points

2. Draw 5 or more CLOUDS
a. must have three different sizes. 
1. small close to horizon line
2. big farther from horizon line

15 points

3. Draw tip tops of LANDSCAPE below the balloons
this can be any type of scenery (city, country, desert, forest, hills, mountains)

15 points

4. Highlight one side of each object with a white color.
5. Shade the opposite side of each object with a darker version of your paper color. 
20 points