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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Frida Kahlo Portrait

 I started off by telling the students all the neat things I know about Frida. 
I then lead them into the idea of how every adult artist was once a child that never stopped making art. No matter what circumstances Frida came across, 
her imagination and love of painting kept her going. 
Her imagination was her "wings". 
She said,
"Feet, what do I need them for when I have wings."

Read by Ms. Schrensky & Frida at Ashley Elementary

We watched the read along with Mrs. Schrensky on YouTube. Then we colored the coloring sheet of Frida before the Christmas break. You can buy it and the matching poster here...



Mrs. Whatley's 3rd grade class
Andrew, Jackie, anonymous, Chevie, 
Harper, Drake , Nayomi & Collin. 

Begin Drawing with a pencil...
(done with 2nd grade)
Remember what Mrs. Morgan says,
 "Draw Light until you know it's right. 
Then go darker with a marker. "
buy this poster on TPT! 

Trace with Permanent Marker.

 Mrs. Whatley's 3rd graders above...
Madelynn, 2nd grade below...

My 3rd grade Friday-

2nd grade girl- 

Then begin to paint!