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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Collaborative Mystery Banner

Reflecting on 2020, 
we know that
things are not always clear as to where they are going,
 But, we do know working together is how we get through things. 
We are going to make a banner as a collaborative group to celebrate a fresh start to a new year. 
Each person will make a piece of this banner. 
Each piece will go in the banner to reveal a secret message. 
Trust that if we work together, it will all come together in the end. 
Some people may carry more of the creative load
while other may be more or the banner engineering. 

Putting it Together

THE CREATIVE PART- right brain
You will get a notecard.
You will be assigned (1-286) a number and a color (black or orange). 
You will write your number, name and color on the back. 
On the front, you will do a design using that color only. 
You can use 2021 in your design or you can use your name (or both). 
Fill the card up with your designs. 
You can use lines, shapes, patterns, numbers, letters. 
You can use the ideas above as an example.  


There is a plan, A "key" to the banner. 
Only the leader can see it, but there are clues to putting it together below. 
As soon as the pieces get completed by the artists, 
the engineers will begin piecing together the banner with 
clear tape. This will have to be put on the back of the banner. 
HINT- This will mean that the numbers will have to go from right to left when piecing from back. 

The banner has 286 pieces. 
The banner has 22 columns. 
The banner has 13 rows. 
The banner has 105 orange pieces and 181 black pieces. 
Row 1, 7 and 13 are all black. 
Column 1, 5, 18 and 22 are completely black. 

If we work together, Right Brain & Left Brain, 
we can do it!!
Teachers piecing & taping together the puzzle from the back. 

Students helped finish the last pieces....

in THE END , there was a beautiful 

Up close pieces of the banner. 

The examples below show previous Collaborative Mystery Banners that 
have been made by my students. Know that your piece is an important part of the end result. 
The colors you use and the filling in or design is what will make your piece be successful. 

This was the key to the above banner done in the past.