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Friday, December 11, 2015

Windmill on a Hill

Mrs. Blankenship's 5th grade 2016
Pablo, Aimee, Lisa, 
Cheyanne, Abby & Angela
Noah, Madison, 
Alise & Andrew. 

A little bit above the center, make a strong dark dot with a small circle around it. 

With the brass ring on the dot, make a a circle at with the first available hole. 
 This will be where the blades begin. 

With the brass ring on the dot, make another larger circle at 4 mm. This is how far the windmill blades will go out. 

How do windmills work??

Interesting video about older water windmills
Check out this video on YouTube:


This is a very nice and peaceful video to play with music and windmills while students are working on their pictures. It is more visual and inspirational rather than educational. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Lighthouse

Mrs. Mahan's 4th grade 2016
No Name, Autumn, 
Greg, Leandra, 
Ebsy & Cayden. 
Mrs. Meleski's 4th grade 2016
Matthew, Abbey, Ava, 
Noah, Innaya, 
No Name & Btianna. 
Mrs. Do's 4th grade 2016
No name, Devyn,
Ava, Armando & Makayla (below)
Mrs. Clanton's 4th grade 2016
Mariah, Maura, 
Kaylee & Madison. 
Mr. Cramer's 4th grade 2016
Amanda, LeAnne, 
Jayhson & Megan. 
I drew this first in pencil... Follow the black lines step by step to guide you through your light pencil drawing. Once it is right, you may outline with black permanent marker. 

Step 1. Draw cliff
Step 2. Draw a vertical line going up from the middle of the cliff. 
Hint: Look at the edge of paper to try to keep it straight. 
Step 3. Draw 2 parallel short horizontal lines close to to of line. 

Step 4. On the bottom horizontal line, draw a small box. Draw two vertical lines in the box. Above the box draw a triangle. 
Or go horizontal...
Color all things (tangible objects) hard with crayons. Do not color sky, paint will go there later. 
If something is supposed to stay white, color it with white crayons hard. 
Find night colors of tempera cakes or watercolor. 
Begin painting in sections of light rays from light house. 
Use a darker shade doe sections of sky that are remaining dark.,

Check out this video on YouTube:
Let dry. 
Add definition by cleaning up & sharpening messy details left from paint with marker. 
All cleaned up and done!

Alternative idea:
Using thin cardboard (from a sketchbook back cover 😌)
Sharpie drawing. Add shadows and highlights with beau real & white colored pencils.