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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give it all you... God

if nobody is perfect, then all people make mistakes. if all people make mistakes, everyone will eventually end up hurting you. you can dwell on this and turn bitter inside... or you can choose to give grace. we must forgive. we must continue, always hope and never give up.
I am not perfect, i make mistakes. i will hurt people. i hope they do not dwell on it or become bitter towards me in their hearts,... but rather they turn to grace. i hope they forgive. i hope they continue to love me and never give up.
too often people are praised for giving up on love or getting back on somebody who hurt them. but that is the easy way to go. why praise the easy way? we need the straight and narrow. real love takes guts, it takes stamina, it takes time to learn and grow in grace.
so don't let go to quick out of pride... pride is overrated. stay a little longer in hope and give a little more than you think you can. Go as far as you can till you can't do it anymore, then take just one more step,,, that's where God is waiting for us. He will catch you there, he gets us at the end of our rope with not a moment to spare, just so we can't deny it was Him. When out last ounce of strength is lost he fills us up with his. God will give you what you need. He will not fail you.