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Monday, September 26, 2016

Kinder Cactus Pot

Mrs. Zarrlla's kinder class
Giovanni, Leighton, Jeremy &Fernanda
Mrs. Baylor's kinder class
Aidan, Charlotte, 
Kathryn, Angelina & Julia

Draw the horizontal lines of pot..
2 long at top middle, 
 1 shorter at bottom middle
Connect lsudes of pot with vertical lines. 
Add in a prickly pear cactus. It starts big at pot and gets smaller pods as it goes up. 
Then draw a desert cactus. The center vertical line should be drawn first. All other lines should come from the center curving further as they go outward. 
Draw lines and designs on par. Discuss pattern and design. 
Add detail; texture
Bryan in Mrs. McGinleys 1st grade
Mrs. Zarrlla's kinder pots 2016
After drawing is complete, it's time to color!!!!
Color harder with crayon on outside of cactus & around lines. 
Color softer on the inside between lines. 

Primary Desert

Draw a cardinal...


Begin with the darkest crayon, blue. 
Begin are darkest side. 
Create value by using pressure, 
hard to soft. 
Continue throughout. 
Add in second color to make a new color. 
Blue +yellow= green cactus
Blue + red= violet Cardinal 
Paint sunset by using the three primary colors. There are many colors in the sunset, except for green. So avoid using blue and yellow combined. 
I kept blue at top, yellow at bottom 
(to avoid green) and red in middle. Overlapping the two will create 
purple and orange.,

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Big Boot

Mrs. Morgan's Boots
Krahn Rodeo Art choices
Evy & Abbey
Student Boots
Top class Pics

Boot are a BIG DEAL in Texas. Especially at the Houston LIvestock Show and Rodeo. Cowboys and Cowgirls wear boots for protecting and cleanliness when working with livestock. Spurs are worn to help horses stay on task. Boots can be fancy or grungy, depending of the job they have. Boots that have een deisgned more intricately and worked on as one of a kind are the facny boots. Houston has some very creative BIG Fancy boots on the town lawn. These are painted by local artists and are there as artwork for us to see. 

Student Art

Ethan, Violet, London, 
Noah, Diamon & Logan (Elihah)
Ashlynn & Leanne 
No Name, alondra & Jayhson
Rebecca & Mariah 
The Project


Looking at a boot from real life or images from pages, draw a boot and outline it with permanent marker.

Pencil Draw in a background for your boot. It can be a scene, designs, patterns, words or anything related to Texas, Houston, livestock or the Rodeo.
Outline with a sharpie.

Use a pencil to shade around the boot. This will give it emphasis and make the boot appear to be casting a shadow underneath itself. Blend pencil with paper stump or q-tip
Ligtly draw in the idea for your boots decorations. It can be a Texas scene, landscape, deigns, patterns, words, anything...
Color in the boot design with markers, colored pencils or crayons