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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I spy RED

Main purpose of this I SPY RED project is to teach Emphasis using Color. 

All above by Tabitha Morgan, teacher
Cat Nap, Maisy 3rd grade
Mrs. Blankenship's 5th grade 
Jimmy, Madison, Lisa, 
Angela, Gabriella, 
Kadin & Abby. 
What's red?
Lips, flowers, ladybugs, cherries, berries, birds, butterflies, balloons, cars, umbrellas, costs, shoes.... 
What's NOT red?! 
1. Draw with pencil something red on red construction paper. 
2. Outline with black marker to emphasize the lines. 
3. Shade dark sides with red colored pencil, crayon or marker. 
4. Highlight light side with white colored pencil, crayon or possibly paint with thin brush, 

*a student asked if they could do more than one object. After discussing the idea that EMPHASIS is about having one thing stand out and grab your attention, we made a decision. Yes you can IF they are the same object multiplied. NO if it is a bunch of random objects that are not unified in the picture. Random takes away from the focus on the ONE important Emphasized Red Object. 

Light Pencil... just in case you mess up.
Black Marker, red shadow...
White highlight. 
Cut out and glue down on neutral board. 

Using only neutrals, black & white for background design.
I used some brown and black markers, brown and white colored pencils.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Robin Mead

RObin Mead is an amazingly adventurous artist that I have newly discovered. 
She inspires me to be experimental with new techniques. 

see more of her work on her blog page here...

I have used some methods that I remind me of Robin Mead's pictures. 
THis is using what I know to get me the results I desire...

using markers (non permanant) make a design in the background. 
I have used big dots, plaid lined, random doodles... 
lots of designs work. The key is to keep your lines close together so that when we apply water later the ink will spread out further. 


concentric circles, zig zag 


Using a wet brush, start from top to bottom using a circular motion to move color around. 
 Mrs. Meleski's the grade class working (above)
 complete the full paper with water brush and let dry...
Results for BigDot and Random Doodle designs below.

You can use colors to draw in more designs if desired. I would not do so much thought that it completely hides all past marker design. Be careful not to go overboard. 

Use a half size sheet to pencil draw case, flowers and leaves on. 
It's ok if objects go off page. 
When glued down, you will just glue them going off page. 
Remember to go light till you got it right.
The harder you draw, the harder to erase. 
Go over with black permanent marker. 

You can also exclude the flower vessel and just draw plants so that it looks like they are growing from the ground. 

OUTLINE the objects with colored MARKERS you want them to be filled in with. 

p.s. it's ok if you get out of the lines (YAY) cause it will be cut off later anyways.

Fill them in with a water brush... 

See a clip of how to do the color here...

Cut out each object.
* Try to keep as much of the sharpie black line as possible. It helps with emphasis. 

Arrange and glue down onto background paper you created earlier. 
The pieces you drew off the page need to be glued off the page

Add Detail.
Draw in stems or any bugs you want . 

THis is a more transparent look to the end result. 
I like it a little cause it shows you how colors effect eachother when they are overlay-ed. 

Plaid Posies

You can do plaid or any other design as long as you try to 80% fill the background up with color. the 20% will be filled in when the wet brush is applied. 

Applying the wet brush.
(same as above project)

Draw in the flowers with black permanent marker. 

Color in the flowers with more marker. 

Using BIG DOTS instead of Plaid background for the 

Check out this video on YouTube:
Using a circle motion to 
water down the marker. 

Alternative dry Method
With construction paper, scrap colored paper, markers, peeled crayons, scissors and glue. 

1. Use the side of peeled crayons on construction paper to give background texture. 
2. Use across to draw flowers and leaves. Cut out and glue down. 
3. Draw stems from ground to flower and any desired grass on bottom. 
4. Use colored markers to draw more flowers, leaves, grass or to color in parts of picture. 

Mrs. Meleski's 4th grade
Albin & Ava 
Coke, Noah & kaitlyn
Skyler, Innaya & Abbey

Mrs. Clanton's 4th grade 
Katelyn, Jade & Madison 
Sean, Caesar & kaylee
Maura & Katie 

Mrs. Mahan's 4th grade 
Envy, Izzy, Avee & Sydnie
Taylor, Daniel, Ethan & Gregory
Mrs. Do's 4th grade 

Destiny & Makayla 
Ava & Armondo
Adrianne, Devyn, 
Ava & Shannon 
Mrs. Hall's 4th grade
(Abby, Aniyah, Talyn,
Jekovia & Sam)
London, Violet, 
Ashlynn & Kelly)
Mrs. Johnson's class working
James working even with broken wing....
Unstoppable creativity!! 

Ashton, Andrea, Kyle, 
James & jalynn 
Annabelle, Jon & kaylee
Jackson (above)

Mrs. Warren's 1st grade working

Jett & Justin(above)
Victoria, Molly, Andrew& Cristina
1st grade
Mrs. Groth's class
Gabriella, Kaden & Landon 
Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade class
Chau (above)
Alyssa, Clayton & Isaac (above)
Islam, Gabriel,
Jaden & April (above)