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Monday, April 15, 2019

Drawing Paintbrushes

This project is inspired by the famous artist
Jim Dine. 
He was considered a POP ARTIST because of his tendency to use common everyday objects as his subject matter. He like to paint bathrobes, art supplies, shoes, tools and toys. 

Here is a picture of Jim Dine from young and old. 

 The project we are starting is based on his everyday tools. Some of them were scissors, paintbrushes, wrenches and hammers. Will focus on art tools around the art room. Students will draw (not trace!) 5 or more art supplies beginning with pencil lightly. Guidelines are a good idea for keeping your brushes symmetrical and balanced down center (see below). 
Then they will outline the line drawing with a permanent marker. Shading will be added on and casted beneath (as if on table) with a pencil and blending stump. We will finally splatter the drawing with paint as he did with ink.



Draw 5 Everyday Art Supplies
At least 2 brushes...
You can have them at different angles, overlapping or all in 1 row. 

Draw lightly withe pencil. Remember your view/perspective. You are drawing them as if they are sitting or scattered on table and you are looking directly from above. This view is called an "aerial view" or "bird's eye view". 
Make sure you stay symmetrical and proportionate to scale.
 Add detail (texture, lines)
Outline with Permanent black marker, 
Add a shadow on the objects (keeping a consistent light source) and 
add a cast shadow off of the object. 

3rd period Art 
2019 Mineola Middle School

You can also add other art tools like Jim Dine did. 
How about scissor or a permanent marker?

1.Draw with pencil lightly keeping symmetry and proportion. 
Add details. 
2. Outline with Sharpie and erase pencil. 
3. Shade inside the brush with a consistent light source 
(above light is on left side)
4. Add cast shadows off/beside the tools on surface. 
(sit opposite light source, above on right side of brushes)
5. Splatter paint the brushes and background outdoors. 


Gabby, Payton, 
Emmily, Kyla, 
Victoria and Braylee
Lucy, Kaylynn, 
Yarelli, Landon, 
Maiya and Lovella


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Similar project from past Lost Sock Art Teacher

Idea inspired by Instagram art teacher,
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Cinco e Mayo quilt pattern

What is Cinco De Mayo?

This is a beautiful quilt made inspired by Cinco De Mayo!

 This is the plan for the design for our version of a paper 
Cinco De Mayo quilt. 

 There is a simple one for the older kids to add their own designs to before they color. 
For the younger kids, i made one a little more detailed with a zig zag for them to color. 

 We used crayons to color our desgins. 
 The design can be mounted to a background piece of construction paper. 
You can use a hole punch to add areas for string to decorate the edges of the artwork. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Doodle Days

Doodle Days are fun days. 
You can doodle anywhere! 
In a shape & around a shape. 
In a rectangle, in a square, in a circle. 
Angel (student example)

Mrs. Morgan (in a pumpkin shape)

Mrs. Morgan (in the negative spaces of a landscape)

Kids practicing Doodles and Zentagles
Spring 2021 MMS

1st period 6th grade 2021 
Doodle Day

Doodle, Zentangle, Daydreaming in Ink...whatever you call it, the concept is the same. 
It is SUB-CONSCIENCE Drawings. 
It keeps your hand active to allow your mind to concentrate. 
Drawing has a plan. If your plan goes astray, you get upset and stressed. 

Since Doodling is spontaneous and unplanned, 
expectations are non existant . 
You just GO WITH THE FLOW of the ink, literally. 
Using lines, shapes and patterns to create 
a blend of unplanned spontaneous harmony on paper. 
You are not supposed to make it 'anything". No cats, no dogs, no houses, no things. 
Just pure designs
Using a pen is best, so you are not determined to erase what comes out. 
Watch this person do the doodle. 

Here's mine on paper. 
To get more ideas, click picture above... 

Paper, your shoe, a DVD, your hand, your homework... 

Permanent Marker on an old DVD or CD looks beautiful. 

You can doodle a circle with RADIAL DESIGN. 

Here I had kids trace a used disc 3 times to plan out a design. 

Then they started on an old DVD or CD with permanent marker using their favorite design.
Preston and Carter 6th grade 2021

Ariel 6th grade 2021

My examples...

Post it NOte

4th and 3rd grade Friday classes

2 Neat videos by 2 eccentric artists that create 
Art on Post-it notes

Teeny Weeny CHallenge video