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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mehndi Hands

Mrs. Thomas's 4th grade class
 Isabella, Maisy & Michelle
Jayden, Israel, Edgar, David, 
Stacey, Bryce, Titus, Rachel, 
Caden, Melanie, CJ & Kolby

 Mrs. Ahmed's 4th grade class
 Molly, Julia, Evan, Kelton, Shane,
Andrea, Jayson, Joey,Gianna, Kim, 
Jaida, Heila, Joshua, Craig & Malik

Mia, Erica & Maci 

Designing the hands. A variety of skin tone colored constitution paper can be used for this part. Trace hand with pencil, outline with maker. Begin basic designs with a pencil and move onto marker for more intricate lines and designs to save time.

Using a marker a shade darker than paper around the inside of the hand line will give the hand a shadow look for a more 3-D effect.

 Creating an Indian Style Background

It is common to see radial design in symmetry in most Indian designs. 
 Fold the paper into 4 anywhere on the paper. 
Open up paper, put a dot in the center of the fold (on X)

 Use a compass to make concentric circles around the dot.

 Use the X to help keep your designs even in the circles. Use a pencil first, then move onto marker for the more intricate designs. 

 Marker for further details...

 Glue down hands and use crayons or markers to add touches of color to the background paper.

Optional with border only
and Decorations Inside