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Friday, June 14, 2013

East Texas Summer Art Share Fair 2013- Mineola, Texas

Mineola ISD hosted our 2nd annual 
Summer Art Share Fair. 
Art Teachers gathered from all parts of East Texas to get new ideas and share their favorite lessons. 
It is a source of inspiration for the teachers and a motivator to try new things in their own classrooms.

We began by Introducing ourselves to each other all around the room.
We all told our name, where we taught, 
and something interesting about us that had nothing to do with teaching art.
We discovered that although we all teach the same thing, 
this workshop was full of very unique individuals.
We range from Biker Chics, Gardeners, Animal Hoarders (jj), Sunday School Teachers, 
to Thrify Fashionistas.

After the introductions and donuts, we decided to start sharing lessons...

I, Tabitha Seaton, was the room host for this workshop and decided to show first. 
I presented my favorite lessons for the past year to the group. 
I introduced my blog (that you are reading now) to the teachers and first shared my
Art Wall of Wisdom
which contains many signs to help the artroom run more smoothly. 
I also shared 2 lessons that I did this year for the first time that I really fell in love with. 
I shared my bubbles and rainbow glasses first. 
They both use similar techniques and mediums, so I talked about them back to back. 
See the lessons more in depth here...

I then shared my lesson that I did with my 8th graders this year for the first time
called LifeSize Avatars
Go here to learn more about this lesson...

I also shared my tried and true Soda Can/Bottle Label.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lesson!
I decided this year to use them on the bottles and fill the bottles with water and food coloring
to make them appear more realistic. I then put them in my art room windows to show the color through the glass. It is a wonderful sight to walk in every morning to the colorful vision. 
See the lesson herehttp://clawsonsawesomeclass.wordpress.com/...

 Rita Clawson from Ore City was the next presenter at our share fair.
She presented her value through pointillism project, multi-media exploration drawing,
mind-mapping, and egg design contest.
You can read more about her lessons here on her art teacher blog page...

Denise Harris (below) from Mabank High School
showed us her version of  Round Robin Drawings.
It is a good lesson to get the kids up and moving around the room.

Below- teachers working on the Round Robin picutres

One of the final results of the Progressive/Round Robin drawing exercise.
Click to enlarge

Amy Brown (above) from Pine Tree ISD presented her Pinch Pot Monsters
You can see more of her student's work here at Artsonia.

Creative Carolyn Gilbreath (above) from Winnsboro shared some amazing lessons with us!
She showed us how she taught her students to use cola cans to make art by cutting them and hot gluing them into sculpture form.
She had a giant del chihuly sculpture that she brought to us!
contact her at
See above and below...

Chihuly Sculpture and Paper Quilled Heart
Blue Dog art and Shave Pastel Marbled Silhouette

Zentangle Fish

Kim Taylor from White Oak 
shared her "sculpture on a budget" projects.
One was using 17 guage wire and panty hose and wood scraps
to make her abstract sculptures.
She also showed us her toothpick and plaster ideas... 
see more of her student's work here
or email her at

 Kenda Stuart from Lindale 
helped us make "Taco Fish"! 
Everyone had such fun getting their hands dirty.
She shared a lot of ideas she had learned from 
                                                                      the "clay lady". 
 for questions on her great projectes you can get her at 

Mary Graham and her Taco Fish
Andy Cain just chllin'

Jessica Riggs being  a kid...

Amy having fun making her "taco fish"...
 Amy Bailey (above) from Lindale 
is having fun making her "taco fish". 
 Unfortunately, Amy was not able to share her lessons, but does have a 
A Pinterest account
See her Chihuly Lanters she made with her students in class here...
See these teachers acting like kids!

Rachel Crain (above) from Bullard Middle School
demonstrated how she teachers her students to use charcoal and chalk to make these tree studies.
Her website is under construction and will be available soon. 
She had a lot of great art lessons up her sleeve.
If you have questions, you can reach her at

Jan Scurlock of Mineola Primary and Elemntery
you can contact her at scurlockj@mineolaisd.net
presented several lesson ideas:

Geisha Girls

Scratch Art Scraffito

Matisse Prints

Blue Dog Art
 Popsicle stick Drawings

Paper Plate Art

Sandpaper Art

Jan Scurlock with the Mandala Designs using stencils

Kari Callison from Mineola High School
presented fun ideas using her printing techniques... 
you can reach her at

Blessing Cards

Art Journaling
(by student Calli Mize)

She shared with us an acrylic scratch off technique using Modge Pode as a middle application.

She recycles her old markers by soaking the tips in water for 48 hours.
She keeps the recylced ink in these $.99 spray bottles to use for spray ink projects in her art room.
She is so inspiring.

Mrs. Nancy Borden (below) from Mabank Middle School
Shared her faux bronze sculptures, zentangle fish, and chihuly sculpture lessons with us.
If you need to contact her, you can reach her at

Unfortunately some attenders could not come back for the second day. 
They were missed...
Sharon Grimes from Mabank with her fish.


 Friday we had a sadly smaller group, but just as much or even more fun. We continued sharing lessons with each other and even got to participate in a few as well.

Jessica Riggs (above) from Pine Tree High School
shared her Star lanters and Pop Art Portraits 
Cartoon Transfers, and Pop art Candy...
Pine Tree ISD uses the Artsonia Website to show off their lessons
and student artwork.
Go here to look and experience the website.
if you need to contact her, you can email her at

Mary Graham (above) from Pine Tree High School
 had a lot of great upper level ideas for the art classroom.
If you need to contact her about any of the below ideas, 
you can reach her at 
shared her mannequin project teaching about balance and composition.
She also showed us her fruit study drawings showing the zooming in of fruit as it is cut up and decomposing.

She also shared with us her self silhouettes 

 All art above is from Mary Graham..

Andy Cain (above) from Pine Tree High School
shared his idea for a grid transfer car done as a group project in the art room.

Kandi Marsh (above) from Maybank Junior High has so many awesome ideas!
She shared with us her award winning paper quiling and gave us the handy tip of using a paper shredder 
to keep it simple and easy.
Twilled Paper Peacock 

Tin Foil Geometric Soccer player

Paper Quilled Pencil

Plaster Hand

all lessons above were done by Kandi.
for any questions or contact on these lessons, you can find her here:
Marshartclass on Instagram

 If you are envious of our fun and intrested in attending the Summer 2014 Annual Art Share Fair, 
please contact Tabitha Seaton at

 That's All Folks!
See You at the 2014 Summer Art Share Fair...