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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Birch Tree winter scape

Brandon A., 8th grade

I overcame some fear by finally doing this BIrch Tree project that I have been wanting to do for years. I originally saw the idea from 
and decided to one day do it.
Well, this project hit at a very emotional time in my life and I kinda went way out and connected it deeply to what i was going through... yeah, that's how I roll with my art. I heart penetrates pretty deep into the fibers of the paper here.. You can read a little bit about how this project touched me deep...
Here on my personal blog

grades 6-8
We had a few rips, tears, spills, and problems through out the birch tree project. I learned that you need thick paper, that plan "b" trees are ok (keeping the tape down instead of peeling it up), and that students are pretty forgiving of a teachers naivety. I was going out on a "limb" with the project. 
But, overall they results were absolutely fabulous!
Hugo 8th grade
Shanna, 8th grade
Haley, 8th grade
Brooke, 8th grade
Brandon A., 8th grade
Ty, 8th grade
Taylor, 8th grade
Kris, 7th grade
Blane, 7th grade
Thomas, 7th grade

Katie Jo, 7th grade

Emma R., 7th grade
Seth, 7th grade

Chris M., 8th grade

Josh Cr., 7th grade
Emma O. 7th grade

Devin, 7th grade

Maria, 8th grade

Kimberley, 7th grade

Aracely, 8th grade

Jonathan R., 7th grade

Alex, 7th grade

Omar, 8th grade

Grant W., 8th grade

Orion, 7th grade

Alison, 6th grade

Ananlee. 7th grade

Autumn, 7th grade

Larry 6th grade 2014
Luis 6th grade 2014

Pablo 6th grade 2014
Cole 6th grade 2014
Dakota N. 7th grade 2014
Chloe 6th grade 2014
Faith 6th grade 2014

Hailey 6th grade 2014

Josye 6th grade 2014

Yanifer 6th grade 2014

Seaton Birch 1
Use tape to lay down tree trunks. Limbs can also be added with tape or can be drawn in later with SHarpie. 

Sharpie in any hard edges details that work with your design...

Watercolor the sky and snow.
We used either watercolor pencils or a marker/wet brush technique.

Add in cool cast shadows from the bottoms of the trees that cast out opposite direction of the light source.
Be careful to look at each tree individually with light source.

Plan A: Carefully peel of tape to expose the protected white bare bark of birch tree. 
If it rips up paper REALLY BAD... 
Plan B trees: leave the tape down and draw in details onto the tape with Sharpie.

Use Sharpie to draw in contour lines, scars, breaks, or bruises on birch trunk. 

Shade the side of the tree that is opposite the light...

Seaton Birch Two