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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Creative Cuts, using an art knife to make masterpieces!

I found this book over the Summer and was so excited and inspired by all of the ideas it held.
I could not wait for the school year to begin so I could start letting my advanced art 8th graders using the knifes!
Cut Up This Book by Emily Hogwarth
My 8th grade advanced art students are learning how to use an art knife properly. 
I had them cut our designs using both the positive and negative spaces as part of their design.
I think they turned out great. 
These are just the beginning of some amazing things they will be doing.

to see more examples on my school page, go to


After they completed thier symmetrical designs, we moved on to bigger and better ideas.
I decided to begin a lesson about cutting, but instead of keeping those little bitty negative pieces like the last assignment, we were able to toss those in the trash. I gave all the students a white posterboard. They were told to do a timeless design (landscape, quote, inspirational idea) on thier poster. But, they had to think before they drew. They had to know that each cut would come out. So, I suggested them to use smaller shapes rather than large. When large shapes are cut out, the structure begins to be floppy. It needs supports left into the design to make a nicer quality piece.
These designs were mean to be put into a window to allow the light to gleam through the negative spaces creating a design on the ground below. After we were done, we laminated them to keep them staying together and for extra support and sheild from weathering.

2013 creation

Friday, September 21, 2012

Implied Line Name Designs

Everywhere the lines. 
What kind of lines are there?

Click on each of these images to see them close up. Study what all 3 have in common. 
What defines the image? Is there a border? 

(all images above were found on google by searching up "implied line". 
I do not claim them as my owned images)

All three artworks are using something called "IMPLIED LINE". 

Here's the PROJECT. 
(click to see image bigger)

Front and back of worksheet I designed as a tool for teaching 
Implied Line Name Design.

Begin by printing name large and light on paper. 
Leave some space to grow in between letters. 
Trace around letters to make them block or bubble.
Make sure there is enough space in between each letter. 
*keep in mind, this will be erased later and will only leave behind what you drew around it. 
THis below image is the stem on the letter M. 
I am using marker to make line designs around the actual letter. 
Do not draw lines that are parallel to or outline the letter. 
That is an ACTUAL LINE. 
We are drawing lines around the letter that will go perpendicular to it. 
IN the end, after drawing line around the letters (without tracing them), we will erase the actual name we drew in pencil. 

Olivia Hughes 8th grade 2020

The end result is a name that is not actually there, it is implied there. 
This will be the project that we glue to our poster board portfolios for the year. 
All examples below are alumni students of MMS. 

Art I 4th period- 2021 Fall

Jorja concentrating on her last implied lines (8th grade/2021).