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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Art Posters!!!

Okay Teachers. Its that time again. First day of school is soooo close! 
Are you ready? Does your room look good for the kids? 
Do you need more stuff?
Do you have.... 
dun dun DUUUUUUN!!!

Blank WAlls! 
OH NO!  
Go visit the Lost Sock Art Teacher store on TPT right now. There tons of bright, inspirational, wise and fun posters for all types of classrooms in store for you. 



People always ask me, "Do your posters print well bigger?"
I think so. I originally make them the size of computer paper, scan them at the highest quality and then print them to whatever size at my local print shop. 
(see above).

Let me give you a PRINT HINT!!!...
I signed up for Walgreens photo, Walmart photo and CVS photo. 
I get coupons for printing out things. I wait for the coupon to be 50% or so and then do my poster printing thing in one swoop each season. This is a good way to save. 

This is what my store looks like from an Iphone

This is my TPT store icon...

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Party Pooper Pug

Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade Pugs

Lily, Anonymous, Maddy, Abby, jack,
Jeremy, Taylor, Aidon, Anonymous 2 & 3

Elizabeth, Josue, Haylie, Chloe,
Marvin, kathryn, kylee & Hazel

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sloth Art

We watched these videos about sloths and learned so much. 

Interesting Facts about SLOTHS. 
Why are Sloths so SLOW?

No Name, Jaylynn, Charlotte (Mrs. Beaulieu 3rd grade), Minghui,
Annie, NoName, Aiden & Victoria (MrsDo’s 2nd grade)

Mrs. Mathai's 3rd grade sloths
Ava, Hazel & Kimberly.

After learning about the sloth's environment, body, diet and life,
we started to practice drawing the Sloth. We then drew the sloth larger on bigger paper with a pencil. Make sure to draw light until you know it's right, then go darker with a marker. 

Here are the steps. 

We then design a background paper using a variety of supplies.
We keep in mind the habitat of the SLOTH when adding details to the background.
WE need branches to swing from, leaves to eat, bugs to fly around, flowers or whatever would grow in the rainforest environment in which where it lives.

Monday, April 2, 2018

TeaCup Chihuahua

 Chihuahuas were named after the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. These dogs are the smallest breed. There is an even smaller breed called the "teacup Chihuahua". I showed the kids how to draw the Chihuahua step by step using this instruction sheep I created. We started with simple shape, then line, then form, then detail, emphasis and color. We used pencil to start, then sharpie to outline, then crayons to color and water tempera to paint. Students were taught how to draw a cup for the Chihuahua or how to dress the dog as though it was at a Mexican Fiesta ( wearing a sombrero, pancho, ruffle dress or flowers in the hair.

 Draw and outline.
 Color with crayons

Paint with water tempera cakes. 

Mrs. Bluhm's 2st grade dogs
Julia, Tim, Charlotte,
Jerrell, Fernanda & Sam
Greyson, Mia, Diego, Chloe,
Sebas, Addison, Kyler & Jalelx

Mrs. Hudeck's 1st grade dogs
Alex, Laina, Avery, Phinley, Trey,
Zayd, Jacob, Hudson, NoName & Connor.

Isabel in Baylor's Kinder class

Mrs. Wycopen's kinder class
Joaquin, Jordan,
Vivian & Savannah
Fortner Kinder dogs
Romina, Daniel,
Owen & Matthew
 Max (from Fortner kinder)

Mrs. Tores's 1st graders
Lillian, Masiyah, Logan,
Nicole, Bailee & Grace

Mexican Radial Mirror