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Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring Show 2019

Kids have been working hard all year so far. I have been saving the best of the best and it's time to make the big reveal. Join us this Thursday from 6-:7:30 at the Hall of Honor in the Alba-Golden high school. Students from all of the district will be on display for all to see. 
Come out and support your local youth artists. 

Drawing with Tabby

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This poster at Taco Bell, unknown artist. 
Please let me know if you find the designer. 
Inspired by the Taco Bell Poster in Mineola, Texas
But instead of Taco Supplies, the theme is Art Supplies!

Eloise Renouf prints

Eloise Renouf is a textile and stationery designer living in Nottingham, England. After designing prints for studies in London and New York, she has created her stationery line with her partner Patrick; her products are for sale on her Etsy shop. Her patterns are very-stylized, with natural subject such as flowers, leaves and trees, drawn with geometrical shapes. 

Both of these above designers inspired me to do a new thing. I like they way their them is constant (clouds, Tex Mex, nature) and how it is repeated and over lapped using a variety of opaque, transparent and colored. I love the colors used too. 

 The putpose of this drawing multi media class with me, Tabby is to introduce basic ideas of art all in one project. First we will use markers to create a background for our drawings. Using washable markers, color scibbly blobs all over paper about an incnch wide and high. 
After you have coverd the paper with scribbles, get entire paper wet using a large paint brush. Be careful not to over brush. This will cause the colors to become one monotonous wash. 

I call this the bleeding marker technique. 
I've used it times before to give the paper a unique and colorful blur in the background. 
See here... 

while waiting for the background
 to dry, find some practice paper. Begin practicing drawing cylinders. Start changing those cylinders into crayons, markers, pencils and glue. Practice drawing all kinds of art supplies. 
 Now, choose 2-3 different colors of construction paper. Try to pick colors that are in your background that you created. THis works best if you choose light or medium colors rather than darker. 
Begin drawing the art supplies you practiced with a pencil. 
After you draw light, when it looks right, outline with a permanent black marker and erase pencil lines. 

 Now, use a sharpened white colored pencil to add a highlight on only the left side of the art supplies. Inline the sharpie with the white hard and softly extend the highlight inward slightly. 
Now, find a crayon or colored pencil that is the same color as the construction paper, just a shade darker. Use it on the paper to see if it shows up. If is does not, go even darker. This will be the shade color. Inline the art supplies inside the sharpie with the dark using a hard line. Then gradually go inward slightly lightening on pressure. This makes a gradual shadow. 
Now, add more supplies onto the painted paper (whien dry). 
Use a pencil first, then when it looks right, go over it with the marker. 
Add shading to the supplies using crayons that mimic the colors in the background. 

It also looks nice and adds dimensi0on and interst if you draw in more supplies using colored markers on the surface as well. This will look like the drawing on the paper.
Then, cut out the art supplies you drew on the construction paper and arrange them in a visually pleasing composition. Glue down the supplies and add a shadow beneath using crayons that mimic the colors in the painting.