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Monday, May 17, 2021

Rainbow Scratch Board


Mrs Morgan's turtle 2021

Fransisco (7th grade) planned on manilla paper & transfered it to the black paper.
The more detail and scratching you do, the better it looks. 
The rainbow shows through. 

Choose a subject you know well. 

Maybe something I have taught you this year: Mushrooms, Jellyfish, Cactus, Hot Air Balloons, Doodling, Contour line, Optical Illusion...

You can Image Search RAINBOW SCRATCH ART to find inspiration. 

Read before scratching....

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Scratch Turtles


Mrs. Morgan's turtle 2021

We are going to do a study on Sea Turtles. 

Before we create, First let's learn about them. 

Here you can learn about the sea turtles...

Learn more about their survival and adaptation of Turtles... 

Now, let's create!
I got an idea from another amazing art teacher... 

Larralee Chambers from Instagram did these with her fourth graders 
to raise awareness for Sea Turtles !
They used RainbowScratchBoard to create their turtles. 
They look amazing. I wanted to try them out too. 
Click Image to see more of her feed. 
This is a special method of Scratch Art. The paper is specially made. 
When you scratch it with a tool, rainbow colors show beneath. 
Like the look?

Use the Step by Step drawing of a turtle to practice. 
Draw a larger Turtle on a piece of paper that is the same size as your scratch paper. 
I folded it to try to make it as symmetrical as I could. 

You will use this as a master copy, so do your best.
Put the master copy on top of the scratch paper with a magazing (or stack of papers) underneath. 
I rotated my turtle before I did this to make the composition more interesting. 
Use a pencil to make an impression onto the scratch paper. 
These are like guidelines for you to get you started since you cannot erase mistakes. 


Fransisco V (7th grade) is using his sketch to recreate his intricate turtle onto his scratch paper.
He used line design in the shell add texture. 
Start scratching your art to show the turtle. 
Add texture and detail reveal more rainbow beneath. 
You can add sea life into the drawing too. 

This video is a nice way to create Ocean Ambiance in the classroom, 
while giving the students visual inspiration for their turtle drawings. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Object Study

This lesson is based on the Citrus Study idea from the Lost Sock Blog... 

Which is inspired by the designer

Student are assigned to choose 1 object to study. 
They draw the object 5 times on paper (white or colored) and emphasize it with markers. 
One at least one object in background, overlap to appear transparent. 
They then draw the object 5 more times on separate colored paper form background. 
Emphasize the objects, cut and glue down. 


Janette, Destinee, Brielle,
Carie & Karen

Stephanie, Tania, Chloe,
Mikayla, Danielle, Braylee

Kaylynn, Yareli, Victoria,
Emmily & Lucy.