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Monday, August 30, 2021

Op Art Hand

Victor Vasarley (above) and Bridget Riley (below)

are the King and Queen of Op Art (Optical Illusion Art). 

They used lines to create form and movement on empty spaces. 
The use of bending lines (contour line) creates the illusion or three dimension on a flat surface. 

Olivia , Jorja,
Jaycee, and Estrella

We are going to use flat and bending lines on our paper. 
Like Victor Vasarley's bulging sphere, 
our back ground will be flat lines and our hand will have bent "contour" lines. 
It will appear as though it is bulging from under the lined paper. 

1. Trace your hand with a pencil lightly (you will erase it later). 
It is best to used lightly lined paper as a guide. 

2. Make lines straight across paper.
When the line hits the finger, jump up and then join the same line at the other end of the finger. 
When the line hits the hand, jump up and then join the same line at the other end of the hand. 
*Hint- when jump line upward or downward with the lines, be consistent 
I jumped one line only on all parts, stying to go highest in the center of the shape.  

--------------------MAKE A DECISION----------------

Marker or Colored Pencil?


3. Color all lines with the marker, you can use a pattern of 2 or more. 

4. Using a black crayon or colored pencil, add an outline around hand then lightly color around the outline to suggest a shadow. 

Shyli, Giovana,
Davis, & Michael C.

COLORED PENCIL (challenge)
Sawyer, Jaylee,
Katherine &Ayden

                           3. Color background using a medium pressure with a 2 or more color pattern. 

4. Color with harder pressure around hand to suggest a shadow. 

5. Color hand with medium pressure, 

except the highest points of the fingers, palm and wrist/arm 

to suggest highlights from light source above. 

Estrella (8th grade/2021) is using colored pencils to create form on her hand. 

Monday, August 9, 2021

My Classroom 2021!

Welcome to the ArtRoom! 
All shiny, nice and fresh. 
It’s a new year and I’m ready to teach. 
Are you ready to learn?