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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Notes on Taking Notes- Sketch Notes

There is an art to taking notes...
Pictures speak 1,000 words, and a word just speaks one word.
So, instead of just taking notes, doodle too!
It will help the information stick to your brain better. 
Here are some ideas

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creative Lettering

We are headed into my favorite unit with the Art I kids (7th and 8th graders)!
I am taking them into a world full of alphabetical fun. 
To start the semester off, I have them create a collage of the alphabet. 
They hunt through magazines looking for A-Z, making sure that no two letters have the same style. 
It is all about variety or shape, line, form, and detail. 
I also encourage them to find letters out of pictures in the magazines; for example, an "O" out of a doughnut, or a "B" out of a butterfly. 

After they have completed the collage, it is time to create their own alphabet by hand. 
I have them fold paper into 32 boxes. 
They use the 4 in the top left corner for the A and the 4 in the bottom left corner for the Z. 
All other letters will only use up 1 box each. 
I tell them, just as the collage, each letter must be unique from all others. 
They also must fill up the space with the letter. 
I encourage them to include lots of graphic detail to set each letter even further apart from each other. 
After they are done, I have them outline them with black to sharpen up the lines. 

The two above are teacher examples...

Below are student examples...
Francisco (2021, 8th grade)

Carie A. (2021, 8th grade)
Danielle (2021, 8th grade)

Pre 2013 (below)

We then choose words (3 nouns and 3 adjectives) and make the word become itself. 
We first draw out our ideas (as seen above) , then construct them from paper (as seen below)...

to see more go to my school page...
We will also be diving into the avenue of Creative Class Notes.
Students will be introduced to Sketch Notes and how to used your art skills to help you organize your study life. This teaches them how to emphasize using a variety of size, shapes, colors, and pictures to help those tricky lectures stick.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tasty Forms, inspired by Wayne Theibaud

Making forms is a "piece of cake"!

teaching the basic forms of cylinder and wedge after a study of Wayne Theibaud's art. 
Elementary School

Good Clip for the life of Wayne Theibaud

Artwork of Mrs. Morgan's  Krahn Elementary School Students
Mrs. Warren's 1st grade

Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade

Mrs. Groth's 1st grade
Peyton, Kais, 
Jessalyn, Landon, 
Baxton & Kaden
Payton & Hannah
Mrs. Johnson's 1st grade
Alexis, Jackson, Jonathan, 
Ashton & kaylee
James & Cris
Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade class
Ava, no name, Gage, Payton, 
Alyssa & Shahmeer

Mrs. McMillian's 2nd grade

Decide if you want an 
1. entire cake
2. piece of cake....
The top step is for the entire cake
& the bottom step is for the piece of cake. 

Begin form
Continue form...
Finish form... 
Add details...
Color with crayons... 

Adapted for Middle School
Good Clip for Middle School on Wayne Theibaud

The basis of this assignment is to teach the kids the effect of an intense light source on forms. 
I start off by teaching the kids how to draw forms. I go over eye level, foreshortened circles, and contour lines. Then I demonstrate how light effects the forms by taking my white Styrofoam forms and hitting them with a spotlight. We talk about shadows on the object and cast shadows off the object. We talk about how the light hits rounded and flat forms differently and how the position of the light changes the cast shadows. 
Then I introduce the students to Wayne Theibaud. I show them a PowerPoint of him and his artwork.
They then use forms in the shape of desserts to create pictures to prove their understanding of what I have taught them. 
These are all done by 7th and 8th grade art students.

Thomas C.

Tyler S.

Autumn B.

                      Shanna R.

All photos are property of Mineola Middle School. 
If you use them, give reference to the owners. 
Look here to see more...