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Monday, November 30, 2020

City by Water

Davis, Mrs. Morgan and Jarezi
Spring 2021
Ayden B, Emma B. 

8th period
Uriel, Ariel and Estrella

Fall 2020
1st period Beginning Art 
Isac, Josie, Kaitlyn,
Michael, Jorja, Laine,
River, Jaylee & Francisco.
2nd Period Beginning Art
---,----, ----Lucy, Ke'Yani

3rd Period Beginning Art 
Nathalie, Anonymous, Kelly, 
Elizabeth, Sara and Milo

8th period 
Daniel, Carol and Hunter

This project has 3 parts; 

The Warm Sky, 

the Deep Overlapping City, 

and the Cool Water Reflection. 

We practiced on smaller manilla paper drawing out cities. 
After we were done, we proceeded to step one below...
See student above successfully transferring idea onto final paper. 

1. Softly Fold Paper into three parts. 

2. In middle part, draw a city of overlapping buildings with a pencil. 
3. Outline with Sharpie black .
4. Fold on 2nd portion, Trace middle section onto the third section. 
It will be upside down and backward. This is correct. 
If you use a window to help you, Your arms will get tired. 
Part of the top of the buildings may get cut off, that is okay. 

5. Go over tracing with black colored pencil or Sharpie. 

6. Use pencil to shade 
the overlapped areas and parts that are away from sun. 
Use a blendy stump or q-tip to blend shading. 
You DO NOT need to shade the reflection of the buildings at the bottom. 
You can outline it with Sharpie if the black colored pencil did not show up well. 
Abbie Going over water flap with Sharpie after tracing at window with pencil. 

7. Use washable markers in warm color in the sky
(about dime size) over the buildings and around them too. 
Dots should very close but not touching. If you can fit your finger tip between dots, add more. 

I also outlined the border where the sky and water meets the buildings
to add contrast along the white.  

River and Laine applying marker dots
to sky with warm and to water with cool. 

8. Use washable markers in cool colors in the water. 
You can use a white crayon ahead of time to add horizontal lines to make it glimmer. 

9. APply water with a thumb thickness brush to make the colors bleed together.

Worm's Eye View City

1. Make a Dot somewhere in the middle of your paper. 
This is called the "Vanishing Point" and is where all the sides of your buildings 
will travel to until they seem to "vanish". 

2. Lightly with a pencil and a ruler, 
Draw lines that go from the dot to the edges of the paper. 

3. Cut off tops of buildings. 
Rule of CutOff
Top or Bottom edge of paper = Horizontal Cut off
Right or Left edge of paper = Vertical Cut off

4. Draw the side part of the Building according to guide above. 
5. Decorate the fronts of your buildings with windows. 
If the windows go up, they must follow to the vanishing point, 
If the windows go sideways, they must go the direction of the edge of the paper they come from, 
like the top of the cut off. 

6. Use a rotating compass on the Vanishing Point 
to make concentric circles in the sky. 
This will be a radiating sun above. 

7. We will color the circles like the sun and sky. 
See student examples below from other schools. 
8. Use black and grey to decorate the building fronts. NO COLORS. 
Since the sun in facing the fronts and not the sides, 
Make the side of the building dark using solid black or grey. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Funny Flip Face Book

We will be making a class flip book. 
Each person will do 1-3 pictures to put in the book of a face. 
They will be all put in a book and divided on lines to make it possible to flip the faces around. 

Everyone will have the same printed paper with the 2 lines on the front and 2 dots on each line. 

Here is what you do to make it work... 

4 Dots of the 2 lines- 
You must connect the edges of the face to these lines. 
If they are not connected to the line, your face will not flip successfully. 

Box 1
Forehead, Eyebrows, Hairline, Antennas
Box 2
Eyes, Glasses, Ears, Earrings, Nose, Mustache
Box 3 
Mouth, smile lines, chin, beard, 

Use a variety of types of faces to that the funny flip is more entertaining. 
Outline with black marker and color with colored pencils. 

Have fun by making humans, creatures and animals.

When all pages are done, they will be bound together into a book. 
The lines will be cut to divide the sections of the face. 
Then the funny begins!!