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Friday, August 31, 2018

My NEW Room

I'm so excited to be working at Alba Golden Elementary. 
I want to make this year special for the students and do my best to make the room more relaxing, clean and organized. I am putting my best foot forward and using elbow grease to change some things up. I have painted 7 pieces of furniture, altered  3 chairs, put op posters & labeled and organized the cabinets. 
These are the before and after photos of the room. 
All posters from 
TheLostSockArtTeacher TPT store. 






Desk Furniture

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Art Posters!!!

Okay Teachers. Its that time again. First day of school is soooo close! 
Are you ready? Does your room look good for the kids? 
Do you need more stuff?
Do you have.... 
dun dun DUUUUUUN!!!

Blank WAlls! 
OH NO!  
Go visit the Lost Sock Art Teacher store on TPT right now. There tons of bright, inspirational, wise and fun posters for all types of classrooms in store for you. 



People always ask me, "Do your posters print well bigger?"
I think so. I originally make them the size of computer paper, scan them at the highest quality and then print them to whatever size at my local print shop. 
(see above).

Let me give you a PRINT HINT!!!...
I signed up for Walgreens photo, Walmart photo and CVS photo. 
I get coupons for printing out things. I wait for the coupon to be 50% or so and then do my poster printing thing in one swoop each season. This is a good way to save. 

This is what my store looks like from an Iphone

This is my TPT store icon...