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Sunday, April 29, 2012

RockySox, the rock and roll sock doll

I teach art to 6-8th graders. I have had a passion for creating comics since the 2nd grade. It is then that I started developing my own characters and giving them personalities. I even attempted to get my comic in the newspaper at this early time. Somehow this dream failed. But, it still exists...
So, I am passing it on to my students. We are doing a unit of art about cartooning. I give them a worksheet in the beginning to plan out characters. This is what it is like, only I filled this one out for my own character...

Creating the Character of RockySox
 After I created Rocky, I had to write a song for him to sing...

Then I began laying out the storyboard and getting my ideas together....

after coloring
Rock in the Flesh... or in the fiber.
song written by Rocky Sox

This is an uncolored version of My comic for RockySox.
(click picture to magnify and read more easily)
I will color it with colored pencils this week when I go back to school... can't wait!
I will soon share some of my students ideas as well for their comics.
One lucky artist will get their comic printed in the Mineola Monitor!
Woop woop! I am so jealous...



continued here...

Happy Birthday Bee!


All the silly times we've had
Not seeing you this day is so sad.
But I made you something special anyway
for you on this special day.
I took a sock and made it you
to show my love for you is true.
Now we can be together today,
in a little different way.
I hope you like it a whole lot
I'd rather make than have something  bought.
Every stitch was done with thoughts of you
I know your favorite color's blue
(not yellow! tricked you!!!)

Here you go Deb! You are probablly the first Photographer SockDoll created in this entire universe!
Don't you feel special?

I am also hiring this bunny to come sing to you,
so make sure you are home today and Midnight to answer the door!.....


Wanna go to Panchos for your Birthday dinner?...  you know I do!

Hope you like it more than a VEXTREX!
Love and Kisses,
Your little sis Tabby

Did you ever know that you are my hero?
FLY!!!! FLY!!!! Fly high!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ta2 be, or not Ta2 be.... that is the question.

Ok, So, I have been wanting to get a tattoo for a while now. The longer I sit and wait, the less time I will have to enjoy it. I never knew what i would get and didn't want to get anything meaningless or in vain. So, I really want to do it and I am not scared of the pain.  So, what's stopping me? There are a number of things stopping me. I just have to decide if they are big enough... here are the positive and negative things...
Ta2 Be
1. I want one.
2. Hubby thinks they are hot.
3. It would be a constant visual reminder of God's Purpose for me here.
4. I would have my own art on me.
5. My design would be a conversation piece for others to ask about. This would give me an opening to share a little bit of my testimony with strangers who might not know Christ. 

Not Ta2 Be
1. My Dad would disapprove.
Here's why: We have never had any tattoos in our family of German sailors and naval military men. I would be the first. Lots of pressure. If my German Grandpa was tough enough to sail the sea an whale, he definitely was tough enough to tat. But her refused because of what he saw the Jews go through with being branded in his time. My dad was in the US Navy and on a ship full of tattooed sailors. He was also an officer of the Law. These are too big huge things that prove their strength. But still, they did not get tattoos because of their firm beliefs. My dad does not want me to be branded in a negative way.
2. I would have to wear clothing to cover at work (may get annoying).
3. If I get old and wrinkly, it won't look so cool anymore. 
4. Hmmmmmm.... I cannot think of any other negatives. 

Looking at these pros and cons it seems I should get one. 
I will have to think a little more. 
Only time will decide.

I know this is a bad fake job or putting it on, but you get the idea...
(See closer detail below).

This is the transformed sock in my book. This is where I want to be spiritually... Transformed with new purpose and able to fly closer to my Creator everyday. 

My book. It was a very spiritual experience for me as I wrote  and illustrated it. I may have learned more from it  than anyone that ever picked it up.It is a big part of my legacy..

My Tattoo design for my LostSock.
The pattern on the wings has a slightly hidden message that reads "New Creation"

Another design idea... only not the ENTIRE thing! I like the idea of a tattoo of a moth, reminding me of how me and my flesh and all that is around me will one day be gone. I feel as though it would help me not get so wrapped up in the external. I know that beauty and the physical is so very temporary. This idea may only get more awesome as i get more old and wrinkly, since that is what it is symbolic of.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Felt" like taking some Sunday Photos...

Ever since my Shannon got his Cannon for Christmas, he has had quite a passion for photography!
I am in all support mode cause he rocks the lens !
We like to take full advantage of this opportunity and do our best to dress up like total fashionistas
and go into town and pose for Daddy.
We take our jobs of striking pretty seriously.
It is alot of fun to escape into town and look at our surroundings in a whole new way.
We try to find spots that we never noticed before and use them as our backgrounds, sometimes our pre-discovery of them days before on the hunt will inspire our wardrobe choices.
We love it, and hope you do too.
My talented Hubby, Shannon, felt like taking some photos today of his girls downtown...
I also made this little felt camera for a special project  in the works... (details top secret till APril 30th)...

Maisy on the Antique Fire Engine we discovered in town...

me too...

BOth of us!

In front of an old IceHouse shed from long ago downtown...

Hey, look who woke up!
Wanna take some pics with us Maddy?

These are the sweetest of the bunch!....

Even though Maisy steals Maddy's toys,
and Maddy pulls Maisy's hair...
oh, some moments rise above and send off sweet aromas of love...

What a good day just being in town and feeling the wind in our hair...
well, little Maddy not so much,
but it was  a good weekend for us all.