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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Construction Paper Trees

Eloise Renouf
Fall Trees

Student Art
2nd grade Mrs. Johnson's class
Santiago, Erin,
Adam, Hayden, 
Reggie, Musa & Ria
2nd grade Mrs. Parker
Debora, Sophia, Lauren,
Stephen, Aydin, Emily & AnnaBlaire
Step by Step
Supplies Needed
2 large pieces of consturction paper
Cut a variety of shapes out of the construction paper. 
I folded the papers and cut multiple out at once. I did not end up using them all, but they were there as possibilities.

Draw a line down the center of the trees with a pencil. This is the main line or trunk.
Draw lines (of any kind, be creative) coming from the trunk.
Make sure if you have multiples of one kind of tree, use the same kind of line as you did before
 (stay consistent with tree types).

Lay out tree tops onto paper
Plan the Taller ones in back and shorter ones in front.
Hard concept- if a tree is on top of another, it will also be lower on the plan.
This can be altered on the next step when drawing the trunks too :)

When gluing down the trees, remind the kids to use
Just a Dot, Not a Lot.
More glue leads to more mess. It really does not hold better, just takes longer to dry.
Put dots of glue around edges of trees.
Glue down in place.
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Draw trunks of trees coming from the center stem of cutouts...


The Artist Rizzi
The above artwork is from

This overlapping construction paper shapes with Sharpie idea could be done with 5th graders using the idea of James Rizzi too. 
I saw this idea and loved it. Can't wait to try it with kids!