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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crayon Resist Crumbled Batik

i LOVE this assignment and the kids do too.
I have done it every year I have taught art (10 years now) and every time the kids remember it the most.

(Click on instructions to make larger)

Art I (7th & 8th graders) 2021
Josie, Presley, Shyli, 
Jaylee, Averie and Michael. 
Lucy & Grayson 
Estrella, Addi, Jorja, 
Milo, Zoe, 
Olivia, Kenzie, Vanessa


Below Examples from ages 8-12 
HeartWorks of Quitman Summer Art Camp 2019

Below Examples for 6th grade students 
of Mineola Middle School 

 Lyndie-9th period

 Michael-4th period

8th period (above)

Juan-4th period

 Krissie-4th period

Above from 2020 MMS 3rd and 5th periods
The end result is an ages textured look.
 I think the kids may like the process even more than the result! I love it all.
Have Fun, you will not regret it!

see here... 

Examples below from Adult Art workshop at the 
Quitman Heartworks 

 Visual Steps for Sheep's Shelter by Tabitha Morgan

Posters in Background sold here...

 Visual Steps of Colorful Tucan
by Rachel Fortner of Benfer Elementary

Art Teachers at the East Texas Annual Summer Art Share Fair 2019

Stephanie White of Alba Golden High School
Before and After process 

More in depth lesson here..