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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abstract Expressionism sculptures

Student Sculpture, Brian
Detail of Student Sculpture, Caitlyn
Student Sculpture, Caitlyn

Student Sculpture, Omar

Student Sculpture, Jovani
Student Sculpture, Sarah

Student Painting, Caitlyn

Student Painting, Sarah

Harper Painting

Harper Painting

Harper Painting

Harper Painting at Tyler Newk's Cafe

Kandinsky Painting

Kandinsky Painting

I had this idea to start creating cardboard sculpture into Non-Representational forms. We just got done doing Non-Representational Paintings with my 8th graders and this step just seemed to make sense. So, I created some myself first as examples. I loved it! I am having them create them using 
5 different techniques with the cardboard 
(negatives space, bottom layer exposure, score and feel to corrugation, add on a corrugated piece, add on a 3 layer piece). 
Since the cardboard is usually brown, I am giving them construction paper crayons to add color and emphasis to the work. I am also encouraging them to outline all shapes, cutouts, and layers with black sharpie marker.

My first Paisley heart design

My second idea with more geometric shapes...

I decided to make this one a little more spiritual..
I added Bible Verses in the heart...

THis is the back of my Bible Verse heart. It was colorful and printed, but I decided to go with it as part of my design rather than leave it unworked on. I included Bible verses about how we should keep God's word in our hearts. I plan on making these hearts with my Art WIth a Purpose group afterschool...
To see more about this project, visit...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Soda Can Labels

Post Post Artist
Patrick Edgeley

Patrick Edgeley is a Post Pot Artist who is inspired by popular items of the past. 
One of the things that inspired his art is packaging for soda. 
He used ideas from vintage soda cans to create the print above. 

Look at these cans above.
Click on each one to see them bigger 
Which one is your favorite?
Which ones catch your eyes the most?

Notice how some have interesting flavors, mascots, fun lettering, bright colors and some do not. 

What goes into designing a soda can label?
Interesting and Unique flavor.
Clear Communication on flavor.
Design related to taste and ingredients. 
Creative Lettering.
Fun Pictures. 
Ingredients Listed. 
Eye catching color. 

Hold Up... 
Even wonder what those little colored circles are for on the back or side of your food and drink?
It's a color code for printing the package. 
Most printers only use the three primary colors in different intensities/values ,
blend them together or with black or white. 
 Image result for colored circles on food packaging 
Image result for colored circles on food packaging
See here how Soda Cans are made. They print 5 colors.

Here is your 
1. Unique flavor blend (more than one flavor)
2. Name related to flavor
3. Mascot and Slogan related to drink
4. Colors related to drink 
*Maximum amount of colors is 3 with black and white added. 
5. Ingredients and Nutrition facts listed on label

 From flat design to bottle... 
This lesson is "SO-DA" Bomb!!!
Have fun with bottling up this lesson and using food coloring to make it authentic.
This is what I see every morning when I walk into my classroom! 

Worksheet for a 2 Liter Bottle

Advanced Art Students from 2021

Students from Mineola Middle School

Drawing and Coloring

In our classroom, we have been going over creative lettering and how it leads to creative advertising. 
See lessons here...
I gave them (7th/8th grade) a blank space for a ColaCan label with some rules and they went and showed off their skills. I think I am most proud of them on this assignment than most others this year. They showed me they know how to follow instruction while also being creative. That is the most important part of teaching... to show them the way and then let them go away with it! 
I am proud of them. 

2014 Examples
 Alexis N, 8th grade

Larry, 6th grade

Caitlyn 6th grade

Courtney V. 8th grade

Faith R. 6th grade

Ashton, 8th grade

Shanna, 8th grade

Ty West, 8th grade

Past Year Examples 

Original Idea modified from 
Art Projects 
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