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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Butterfly Garden

Student Work- 1st grade

McGinley's Butterflies 
 Jack, Aidan, lizeth,
Lily, Anthony & Trysten

Mrs. White's Butterflies
Kathryn, Marvin, Abigail, Elizabeth,
Hunter, Asher, Hazel & Kylee
Chloe & Jeremiah  

Bluhm's Butterflies 
Addison, Tim,
Sam & Austin Y.

Chloe, Julia B., Leah, Fernanda,
Jameson, Mia, Kyler & Diego

Logan from Torres

 Mrs. Torres 1st grade
Bailee, Nicole & Aubrey

Hudeck 1st grade
Alex, ?,
Trey, Connor,
Maddox & Greyson

Find pieces of colorful paper about 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. 
I cut a piece of construction paper in quarters.

Fold paper to find center. Make a long oval on the center fold without going to far to edge.
Add to bumps to side like the letter B. Make them BIG, stretching out as far as the paper goes. 

Contiue on other side as well with a backwards B.
Use black crayon or marker to make your designs darker. 
Whatever design you add to one side, you must add it to the other as well. This keep it SYMMETRICAL.

Make 1-3 butterflies. 

Paint the background paper with greens, yellows and blues. 
Use only dots or stripes. THis is suppose to look like the blurry grass behind our scene. 

Find papers with black and white text on them.
This is symbolic of using what is old to make something new again. 
It is giving a new purpose to the newspaper, book pages, or sheet music. 
Just like the butterfly, it has changed. 
Draw the grass blades onto the paper. They should be about 6-8 inches tall. You can draw multiple together overlapping or singe blades.

Cut out blades of grass and apply glue to back in dots, making sure to add to the very tip and bottom especially. 

Glue on the grass blades at the bottom of the paper. You can add flowers using a black crayon if desired as well. Any other details (bees, wind, snails, planes) can be added as well. 

Put glue only on the center area of the back of the butterfly.
(if you want it 3D)
Press down on middle section for about 30 seconds. 
Draw on antennas. 
Then wings should be safe to fold upwards. 

 (Mrs. Torres's 1st graders working)