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Thursday, September 14, 2017

I'M Possible Banner

Our school theme here at Krahn Elementary is 
"I'M Possible!"
We are going to create a banner that uses the contrast of color against 
black ad white. The colored pieces will stand out as the words in the banner. 

These are some of the pieces before the banner was put together. 
Cream of the Crop here...

Gonzolez's Class-5th grade
Maisy, Austyn, Brittney,
Muhammad, Jacob, Manuel,
Isabella, Kenut, Kambry,
Israel, Heila & Danitza

 Maddox's class -5th grade
Hailey, Jasmine, Saniyah,
Maci, Julia, David,
Aundres, Dalton & Bryan

Mrs. Meleski- 4th grade
Hailey, r.c., Shelby,
Grant, Addison, Angaline,
Jamilah, Jayden & Kelci.

Mrs. Thomas- Kindergarten
Alyssa, Caleb, Shelby & Tatum

Mrs. Burke's Class- 3rd grade
Kenneth, Nicholas,
 Maddison, Peyton,
Tunis & molly.

This Banner is from 2014-2015
You can see how when the colored pieces sit against the black and white pieces
the words begin to appear. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Impossible Creatures

Our theme for the school year is
"I'M Possible"

Students are to think of an animal they can create that is impossible. 
They can combine parts of other animals or make up their own creature. 

Begin lightly with pencil...
 Outline with black marker to help emphasize lines.
 Add details, texture or areas of darkness with a grey marker. 

Student Examples

Vivian, a kindergarten following directions and being creative

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Warm Plateaus

2nd grade Student Art
Best Representations
 Elizabeth in McMillian
Tobias in McMillian
Heng Minghui in Do
Lily in Do
Lilyana in Jamison
Decimus in McMillan
Aiden in Do
Madison in McMillian
Fredy in Jamison

High Effort
 Daniel in Filips
Bryan in McMillian
Samuel in Do
Arielle in Ansari
Alizay in Filips
Paisley in Do

Most Fun and Creative
Skylar in Ansari
Trinady in Ansari
Alyssa in Ansari
Garrettt in Ansari


This project is using a method of crayon resist that I use often with my 
Elementary Art students. 
Here, the plateaus, plants, rainbow and stars are done with non-washable crayon.
The sky is painted with water tempera cakes.

We are using the SouthWest paintings from 
Candy Barr as inspiration.

See also work of Ed Mel here...
Surrounding storm
 Image result for ed mel desert landscape

Things students will learn for this project:

What are NEUTRAL colors?
What is a PLATEAU?
BUTTE (small), MESA (medium), 

Learn about LANDFORMS...


I have done a complete unit with multiple grades on the subject of 
Hot Air Balloons. 
See here...

Color all OBJECTS (plateaus, stars, balloons, rainbows, or details)
Hard with CRAYONS
Leave the SKY blank and white for the later absorbance of Water Paint. 
Where there is CRAYON, the paper will RESIST the PAINT. 

2nd graders working towards painting...

 Sky Painted, stars appear!

Needs more?
Add clouds.