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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Why The Lost Sock?

Somebody asked me why my blog is called The Lost Sock last week. So I got to share a part of my testimony. I used to collect sock monkeys. Then I found this very sad, old and dirty sock doll at an antique store one day. I fell strangely in love with the poor thing, but it was proudly priced! Kathryn Seaton surprised me with it for a gift later. I treasured it. It inspired me to make my own sweet sad dolls from lost socks. I did this for a while.

One night, around 2009, (after I had been spiritually awakened months earlier), God woke me up from my sleep late at night. He called me to get up and bring my journal to the other room. I laid on the floor of what would one day be a nursery, and listened to God speak. He revealed an idea of a story to me. I wrote it down...

It was a story of something lost and hopeless... a Lost Sock. To the world it had no real purpose or worth. But to a creative child of God, filled with hope, it did have a very special purpose! Maybe not what others If the world would think. Maybe not what it was thought to be used for, but it’s unfortunate loss of its mate led it to a greater story. When life was breathed into this sock by the reading of God’s word, the voice of this child reading truth gave it life and spirit! It had wings to do more than it had ever imagined!

If only we all had the vision of a child full of hope for others who are lost. If only we could make them see what God sees. If only we could encourage others by sharing the truth, the Word and light up their lives with love.
If only...

Please read. Please share. Please pray.