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I began teaching art at Mineola Middle School in 2004 along side my huband, Shannon Seaton (Mineola ISD's One and only drama teacher!). I loved teaching this age because of the unique stage in life, somewhere caught in the middle of still being a kid and turning into a young adult. Some students came up to my belly button while others looked a few inches down at me. It's a fun spot to be. I have loved art since my early years. 2nd grade is where I truly found my calling as I was encouraged by my favorite teacher, Mrs. Raines at Ross Elementary.
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As I got older, I never really considered being a teacher, because I was too in love with being the art student! But as time came I went to college and was a little lost. I knew I LOVED art, but beyond that I did not know my abilities. A trip to the counselor's office my freshman year at San Jacinto Community College changed that. I took a career and aptitudes test and discovered I would make a great teacher.
I honestly did not think I was strong enough to do that, but kept it in consideration.
I met my husband in an art class at Sam Houston State University. He was studying to be a drama teacher and sparked my interest to go the teaching route. Years later, we married and taught together in the same school for 10 years! It was a great blessing and full of memories. The Summer of 2013 my husband, Shannon Seaton passed of unexpected heart failure. I decided to pull through and  teach another year without him by my side and Mineola. Although, I did love my school and my students, I needed a change. After the year was completed, I felt a pull to move closer to my hometown of Houston and change my teaching situation. This was very hard, but I knew that it was what God wanted after I got a job teaching K-5 at Krahn Elementary. The job was a blessing. The transition was difficult after teaching 6-8the grade for a decade, but I am growing with my Krahn Cardinals everyday and plan to stay as long as they will keep me.

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Summer of 2015, I got married! Yay for Second Chance at LOVE!
I am now Mrs. Tabitha Morgan

I have done a lot of lessons that have been a flop! I never did them again. Or, I just revamped them into something new. Here are some of my tried and true assignments that I love the best!


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