Lost Sock Creations

Lost Sock Creations
what it's all about...

My Sock Dolls

I started collecting sock dolls many years ago but could never find any as unique as my heart longed for. So, with an artistic brain, I decided to start making my own. This decision lead to many more ideas and really changed my life. Little did I know that this collection was the beginning of something God had planned for my own life and creative expression.

 I share some of this in my Autobiographical Comic, SUPERTAB...
you can read more about it here...
It's all about taking something lost and letting your imagination to help it grow into a new creation. Just like an old lost sock, God can use us no matter what state we are in: lost, broken, dirty, even with holes in our soles! He can mend us and give us a new purpose in life!
These are some of my SockDolls...

Me and my eldest daughter Maisy with the dolls

Reading "The Lost Sock" book to Maisy.

The Lost Sock

My littlest daughter Madelynn with her dolls...

I have been blessed to ask to read the book I wrote about the Lost Socks 
to local libraries in Texas.

My "if i ever get a tattoo" design, created by me
Monster Lost Sock

Rocky Sox

See How Rocky came to be...

This is a Lost Sock of my daughter Maisy
Owl always love Jesus
lost sock

I designed this poster for our booth at the
Upcoming Gypsy Market in Mineola, Texas.

My oldest nephew with his sockdoll...
my mom and dad get their sock dolls for Christmas
see post...
My youngest nephew with his Christmas sockdoll...

It is hard to get rid of my LostSocks after I have created them...
they are a part of me. 

Liong and... Lamb?
see happy accident of pickles...

My and De-Bee, my big sister
see her Birthday Post...

A doll for Nina's Nursery... my little niece.

Before the book, I made a short comic as a witness...

This is a flyer I hand out to others so they understand the meaning and purpose of the Lost Socks.
IN case you didn't see enough... here's more...

My niece NIna and her special LostSock

these 2 were made my my sweet and creative hubby, shannon
LostSOcking is contagious!