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Monday, October 22, 2018

Rainy day umbrellas

This is soooo cute. 
The hardest part is folding the umbrella. I can do it, but not sure how well kids can master it without my help. The tip of the umbrella got a little sad when folding. 
See this awesome video by 

Jasper Johns letter and numbers

Mrs. Venable's 1st grade
Piper, Kynlee,
 Alice, Lilly, 
Levi & Colt

 Jasper Johns is considered a Pop Artist for taking everyday ideas and objects and turning them in to art. He paints the American flag, ordinary letters and numbers. 

 We used black letters and numbers and traced them onto paper with permanent maker or crayon. 
This teaches the small ones how to hold the stencil tight and trace loose. 
 You divide your paper into sections and do one thing in each, or you can use only one letter or number. I would leave it up to the student and limit the tracing to 8 things. 
You can see that some is traced with permanent maker and some with crayons. 

You can encourage the students to do some tracing or designs with a white crayon. 
I used white here above for my 2 and my 7. 

 When you paint over the white crayon with water paint, it will resist the crayon. 
This is called a "crayon resist" or "wax resist". 

These are the finished teacher examples.