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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Bee!


All the silly times we've had
Not seeing you this day is so sad.
But I made you something special anyway
for you on this special day.
I took a sock and made it you
to show my love for you is true.
Now we can be together today,
in a little different way.
I hope you like it a whole lot
I'd rather make than have something  bought.
Every stitch was done with thoughts of you
I know your favorite color's blue
(not yellow! tricked you!!!)

Here you go Deb! You are probablly the first Photographer SockDoll created in this entire universe!
Don't you feel special?

I am also hiring this bunny to come sing to you,
so make sure you are home today and Midnight to answer the door!.....


Wanna go to Panchos for your Birthday dinner?...  you know I do!

Hope you like it more than a VEXTREX!
Love and Kisses,
Your little sis Tabby

Did you ever know that you are my hero?
FLY!!!! FLY!!!! Fly high!

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