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Monday, February 6, 2012

Silly Pickles...

My latest idea for the LostSock Creations...
A Lion and a Lamb!...
but my lamb didn't turn out so sheepish.
I added the eyes and it looked like an owl... so i added the ears and it looked like a cat. 
I felt creatively defeated!... just as I was grabbing for the seam ripper I thought... hmmmm.
I am the Creator of this LostSock. My Creator didn't put a seam ripper to me if I didn't fit the mold.
Maybe this could be a happy accident for me. Maybe I could just go with it! Keep it a kitty.
SO, instead of elimination parts to make it look like my plan, I added more to make it go with itself. So, in the end I had a Kitty SockDoll named Pickles! I LOVE HIM! If i would have made him a lamb like I planned, I would have never had the pleasure of Pickles.

WE need to let go sometimes. Just quit following the was we think things should be and go down a road off the course. Maybe it will be better than we imagined. My Pickles sure is cool. 

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