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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Abstract Designs



The first Abstract Design was created by Wassily Kandinsky 

in 1911, called Komposition V

Watch these 2 Videos for more information about Mr. Kandisky's life. 

Since Kandinsky created the first piece of Abstract Art, 
many others have followed his creative footsteps. 

Mid Century (1950's) 
 inspired deisgns by 
Jenean Morrison


Eloise Renauf- Natural Abstract Designs

Look at all the images above. 
You see lots of shapes and lines. 
Some shapes are not really shapes because there is no outside line. 
These are called Implied Shapes. 
See how they overlap the actual shapes and implied shapes? 
Can you do that?

What makes ART "AbstracT"?

You are going to begin your own

Follow these Steps...
(pictures of steps below steps)

1. Get white paper (write name on back corner)
2. Draw 3 Big Shapes
3. Color the 3 big shapes with light colored markers 
(yellow, pink, peach, yellow orange, pastels, tints, or neon highlighter colors)
4. Draw 5 more shapes with a pencil VERY LIGHTLY. 
(these can partially overlap other shapes if you want). 
5. Draw lines or dots IN these shapes with a darker colored marker. 
(DO NOT trace the shape or define it)
6. Erase the shapes you drew with a pencil. 
(this is called an "implied shape") 
7. Draw 5 random black lines anywhere on your picture. 
(spiral, zig-zag, wavy, dashed, etc)
8. Draw 5 more random colored lines anywhere on your picture. 
9. Add more shapes or lines where you feel there needs some.