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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Sky is Falling by Tabitha Seaton

The Sky is Falling

I thought my life was a dream
as sweet as peaches and cream.
Sometimes I questioned how good it appeared,
this dream being false is what I feared...
From out of nowhere, my sky came crashing down.
All that was colored turned to brown.
Then my world just fell piece by piece.
I fell in fear to my knees.
The ground was cracking and calling out to me.
All around me was insanity.
Only seeing what was down below,
I missed what was beginning to glow.
From the corner I felt a breeze above,
filling my lungs with a breath of love.
I rose on one arm and turned to my right
and from the brokeness I saw a bright light.
I heard a still voice from the corner above
and saw the rescue from a dove.
This bird brought me a piece of what it had broken through
and made me realize my new peaceful view.
I discovered what was real and true
and what was gone away was made anew.
I only had to look up to see
that He was waiting patiently.
When my heart had been torn right out of me
He was holding it tenderly.
Now I see thing more clearly
with light and color and sanity.
Sometimes it take our sky falling
to hear the greater voice calling.
He's giving us a better view
and bringing our old to new.

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