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Monday, November 18, 2019

Op Art

What is OP ART?
It is short for Optical Illusion.

  1. Op art, short for optical art, is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. Op art works are abstract, with many better known pieces created in black and white. or contrasting colors. Typically, they give the viewer the impression of movement:

waving, spinning, swirling, vibrating...

Here are 2 Well know OpArt artist.... 

Bridgett Riley
1931- now 
88 years old when posted

Victor Vassarley 
Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian-French artist, who is widely accepted as a "grandfather" and

 Project in Art

-Final must contain at least 3 circles using cross contour line on them to create 3 forms. 
-A background that gives the illusion of movement (warping, waving, swirling  using lines or checkerboard. 
(background samples below)
Above instructions for 
box 5,7 and 11

You can use the 4 I show above, then venture on your own and find more you like. 

or watch here...

Make practice fun by filling in squares on a cube with the techniques. 
(above using complementary colors)

(above on colored card stock using tints and shades)

Color Design
It is very important to use the correct colors in OPart. 
This light plays a big part on the eyes and how it reflects back onto them.
Black and white contrast and are an easy way to make the eyes bounce back and forth. 
Complementary colors have contrast as well and will do the same. 

-Emphasize (make stand out visually) 
the 3 spheres by using 
-Contrasting (opposite) color choices in background and 3 spheres 
to compliment each other. 


FULL COLOR 110 points

75% color 100 points
(background pattern including white OR Sphere Pattern including white)

HALF COLOR 90 points
(background pattern including white AND Sphere Pattern including white)

Examples of Past Op Art Projects from Mineola Middle School 

Practice Ahead of time Helps...
I recommend practicing with cross contour shapes and then a variety of backgrounds to use. 
(Student below practicing )

--------2021 Art One Student-----
Justin, Jaylee, and Ozias

Karen, Josilen, 
Peyton C., Stephanie, 
Caroline and Lovella
Jannette and Carie
Brielle, Lyndie, 
Destinee, Danielle, 
Tania and Addyson

----6-8th grade Mineola Middle School Art----

1st period (below)

Yuka, Sa’Niya, Victoria, 
Ambria, Desiree, 
Kaleece, Jada & Jason

1st period
Rylee, Katie, Ruben (left),
Kaylynn & Stephanie (right)

 2nd period (below)
NoName, Chance,

Chris, Lucy, 
Zane & Moses 

Emmily & Francie

Danielle 6th grade (above)

Hazel, Anonymous, Bailee & Kaylee

 Kris, krissie, Jorja,
Tania, Maiyah,
Chevelle, Makena & Mariana

Bryan, Kaily, Athena,
Maiyah, David & Nathalie

7th and 8th graders

 Alexis and Angela

 Benji and Brenda

 Brianna and Colby

 Corbin and Dalton 

 Drason ad Hugo 

 Lily and Shanna

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