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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Birch Birds

Advanced Birch Bird by Tabitha Morgan
Mrs. Blankenship's 2nd grade

Mrs. Polichnai's 3rd grade
Daniela & Alexis
Mrs. Burke's class
Jake & joel
Mrs. Jamison's Emme

Mrs. McMillian's 2nd grade
Landon, Victoria, 
Jaylynn & Caleb. 
Mrs. Blankenship's 2nd grade
Alivia, Joseph, 
John & Maddison 
Mrs. Craig's 2nd grade
Andrew, nevaeh, 
Taylor, Ashton, 
April & Peyton
Step by step
Make o diagonal or horizontal branch for bird to sit on. 
Use contour lines to create birch lines on branches. Some extend all the way around the branch and some partly. Use curved lines to make the branches appear 3D. 

Add trees behind going vertically. 
Use the negative spaces inbetween branches to create color designs.