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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sneaky Black Cat

I have 2 very sweet black cats that cross my path all the time. I consider myself very lucky... Or better to say blessed in life & to have them into life.  Luck can be silly really if you think about it. This got me thinking (which can be dangerous). Why are black cats considered bad luck? Where did this unfair superstition originate? I looked it up and found out... www.todayifoundout.com
Since Halloween is approaching, I decided to a fast and easy (but ever so sweet) project with my students. The black cat has a bad rap simply because he is stealthily sneaky and blends in with the night. But really, they are not bad luck at all. So this project will show how the infamous black cat can be silly, cute & fun with nothing for us to fear. Next time a black cat crosses your path, reconsider your reaction to fearfully run.

Mrs. Bluhm's 1st graders

Black Cat on a Fence
1st & 2nd grade
1. Use a white or yellow circle paper for moon. I am using a tin foil cupcake cup from my craft box just for fun. 
Glue it on dark blue, purple,red or orange paper. Add a white haze around circle with peeled crayons or chalk to make it flow. Stars are good too. 

2. Using a brown piece of paper the same width as bottom of background, draw vertical lines going almost all the way to top, but stop before it. 
Use a zig zag line, or "v"s  with point on the lines across the vertical line fence. 
Cut out fence and glue along bottom of page. You can add more texture with black marker or shading with brown crayon. 
At this point you can add more detail to shy if desire. I added purple clouds. 

4. Create cat...
White pencil on black paper. 
Outline with Mather when done. Make eyes glow with yellow construction paper crayon or a hole punched from yellow paper. 
Cut out cat and glue on fence. 
Mrs. Kolon's kinder cat
Liliana, Madison, Angie, Zaina, 
Kylie, Landon, Maci & Aiden. 
Mrs. Zarrlla's kinderArt class

Mrs. Zarella's Monday kinderArt class

Mrs. Erck's Tuesday kinderArt class

Mrs. Kolon's Wednesday kinderArt Class
Mrs. Smee's Wednesday 
1st grade Art class 

Mrs. Blanchard's 2nd grade Thursday art

Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade Thursday Class. 
Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade Thursday class (below)

I just took the idea and altered it for a one day easy project for K-2nd grade. 

I thought for older kids, they could do a checkered background of 2,4 or 6 (as below) and put 1 cat in eAch box. But for kindergarten, I play for each student to do one cat on alternating paper and puzzle together as a group for displAy. 
Football shaped eyes are cut from yellow paper. I folded the paper so that it would be faster and also symmetrical. Usually cat's eyes point up on the outside and down on the inside corners. I did do it different ways though for a fun variety ;)
Finished Teacher example: advanced

Quartered cats: regular 

Double cats: kinder 

Higher grade Assignment:

Random Spiderweb contest 
Kindergarten using counting... 1 dot in center, 4 lines to each corner, 4 more I between to make 8 lines for the web. 8 legged spiders. One student had 66 spiders with 8 legs (528 legs)!!!!