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Monday, January 27, 2020

Vanishing Forms in Splatter Space

Inspired By
scsartteacher and artwithmrsreppi 
on Instagram

4th period 2020 (7/8th grade)
Katelynn, Peyton C.,
Lucy, Thomas,
Chloe, lovella,
James & Braylee

5th period 2020 
Olivia, Danielle, Myah, Bransyn, Carie,
Destinee, Tania, Brielle, Mikayla & Karen

I think every art teacher introduces 1 point perspective in the same way. 
It's nice to find a new perspective on this lesson. 

Thank you for a new perspective on an old lesson. 
Here are my old lessons I use to teach this lesson in 1 Point Perspective. 

Vanishing Forms

Vanishing Names 2020-2021
4th period 2022

4th period 2021
5th period

Vanishing Names 

Vanishing Names in 
computer lab on 
Microsoft Paint 

The NEWLY inspired idea!!!
Vanishing Forms in Splatter Space
Have a variety of basic shapes in mind (I have these shapes to trace). 
Have scraps of colorful construction paper.
Trace a shape onto the corner of the construction paper. 
Trace each corner of the shape to a dot, unless the line goes through the shape. 

Outline with black colored pencil, 
shade down the bottom getting darker as you get closer to the dot. 
Use white to highlight the edges of the shape at the top. 

We went outside to splatter with a ruler under our brushes to add a better force to the splat. 
We used tempera cakes instead of liquid paint. 

Cut out the shapes from the construction paper,  
gluing them with all the points in the center touching each other. 

Vanishing Forms in Splatter Space
1. Draw 5-6 shapes on the perimeter of a white paper. 
Make sure the shapes leave some open area in the middle of the paper. 
Include a circle, square, rectangle and triangle. 
One or two additional free shapes can be added
 (octagon, star, letter, number)
You can trace stencils if needed. 

2. Draw a dot in the center of the paper. This is called the 
This dot will be used to transform each 
SHAPE (2-D) into a FORM (3-D). 
3. Using a ruler, match each point of each shape to the Vanishing Point. 
Connect each point to the dot using a line. 
If the point requires you to draw a line through the shape, 
TIP: These "no line" points are usually 
the points furthest away from the Vanishing point. 

4. You can EMPHASIZE (make stand out) 
 these line and shapes with a thick black marker. 

5. Using colored pencils, 
Shade the tops of the forms with a medium pressure. 
Use VALUE (going from dark to light) along the side of the form, 
getting darker as it gets further away. 
(put to side when done with value). 

6. Get a black piece of construction paper. 
Use bright colored tempera paints to splatter background. 
This got really messy. Make sure you are dressed appropriately. 

Let Dry for 24 hours. 

7. Cut out forms from paper. 
Glue down making sure all vanishing points match back to one single point. 
Make sure all forms are on the paper and not hanging off.