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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall Raccoon

Bari J. Designs

I found this adorable print from Bari J. Designs
I am using this as are artist of inspiration
She paints many different kinds of animals dressed Bohemian style.
They look like they are royal kings and queens adorned in nature. 

Mrs. Beaulieu's 3rd grade raccoons
Lucas, charlotte, Savannah,
Lily, anonymous artist & Cris

Mrs. Filips 2nd graders
Daniel, Zaina, Alizay,
Ilana, Miles & John.

Mrs. Mathai's 3rd grade class (above)
Meredith, Hazel, Hannah, Alex,
Bryan, Ava, Kimberly & Sophia

 Mrs. Do's 2nd grader class (above)
Olivia, Samuel, NoName,
Victoria, Minghui & Michael

Mix of Classes
(Ansari, Jamison and McMillian)
Madelynn, Madison, Decimus,
Elijah, Leila & Alyssa M.,

Brielle, Kana, NoName,
NoName, Angie & Bryan M.

 Mitchell and Trinity


We watched this video about Raccoons...

More about how to make a paper cardinal here...
Add natural fall objects around and coming out of the 
Raccoon's head. 
Draw them with pencil first lightly. Outline with black marker. 
Color in with regular and