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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pop Art Dog Dreams

Before May 21, 1893, the Sunday Morning comics looked like this....
Black, Gray and White. 
But after seeing Paris print comics in color in 1892, America decided they wanted to do it too!
So we started with the basic colors... THE PRIMARY COLORS!
If we wanted green, orange or violet we had to use the primary colors to make the picture "look" green, orange or violet. 

Roy LIchtenstein is the perfect artist to use when talking about early comic art.

Thinking of Him
by Roy Lichtenstein



Only Using PRIMARY colors 

I have done a Pop Art Roy Lichtenstein art lesson before with Middle School ... see here.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Nosy Dog

1st grade
3rd grade
Fisher, Ryan, 
Mrs. Matthai's 3rd grade
Zoey, Dylan, Austyn, Tam & Isaac 
Evan & Anonymous
Mrs. Warren's 1st graders
Lyric, Nicholas, Justin & Victoria 

Scarlett, Andrew & anonymous
Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade
Gage, Camila,
Issac, Joseph, 
Meagan, Ava, 
Meredith & Gabriel. 
Mrs. Johnson's 1st graders

AnnaBelle, Jon, Ashton & Jackson

How to draw a "Nosy Dog"
By Tabitha Morgan

Dog profile

1st grade Practice
Mrs. Warren's class
Mrs. Johnson 1st grade

Construction Option
Draw dogs profile into construction paper (me auroral or warm color). Sharpie outline, color some, cut & glue down. 
Andrew from Mrs. Warren's 1st grade

Use butterfly references to draw your bug into a deprecate piece of construction paper.
Sharpie, color, cut & glue (leaving room for legs and antennas). 

Party Pug

How to Draw

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Iridescent Beetle Bug

Mrs. Elijah's 5th grade

Mrs. Russell's 3rd grade
Kenut, Karam, Harley, 
Brianna, Gianna, Kai & Michelle. 
Mrs. Celestine's 3rd grade
Mrs. May's 3rd grade class
Kayla, Gavin, Shane & Adalene. 
Paola, Maisy, kelton & kolby. 


Iridescent bugs

1. Create background
Use flower, leaf or line designs on colored construction paper. 
Draw with pencil first, then go over with colored markers and constriction paper crayons to emphasize edges. 

The bug- using symmetry
Draw the left side of a beetle. 
Use a white construction paper crayon to add highlights .

Cut out bug while folded. DO NOT cut alone fold!
(if somebody does, it can be glued together on the background paper later). 

Open bug up and lay it down. 
THe right side is blank and ready to make symmetrical
Get black marker and same crayons as before.
Outline the left side of bug the same way the right is outlined.
Use same crayons as the left side to color the same previous way.
Glue to the Background