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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Day of the Dead art

Mrs. Meleski's 4th grade class
Alec, Kelci, Shelby,
Renard, Alexis & Addison.

Mrs. Bennett's 4th graders

Kim, Maddie, Sarah, Sebastian,
Samuel, Roman, Marvin & Sunshyne
Mrs. Davidson's 4th grade class

 No Name, Jocelyn, Ria, Chance,
Ashton,  Jason, Jesse & Michael

Ayden, DelMarlo, Eliza, Michaella, 
Sara, NoName, Kayleigh & Carlos
Mrs. Clouse's 4th grade class
Patch, Valery & Erin

Mrs. Mathai's 3rd grade class

Mrs. Ahmed's 4th graders 2018

Kaydee, Christy, Martin, Anonymous,
Jake, Reggie, MY & Caiden

In Mexico, it is a Catholic Tradition to celebrate a Day of the Dead.
It is one day of the year, spirits of loved ones passed on are invited to visit their loved ones.
On this day, friends and family will set up things for the passed Loved one.
This can consist of food, objects or memories that the Loved one would like to revisit here on earth.
The most important part of this idea is that "death" of those that once were here should not be a time of grief or sadness, but more of a celebration for their soul being eternally in Heaven.
They no longer have to experience the pressure, stress or pain that life here can bring.
That is why symbols of death are decorated with life.
We will take the human skull for this project and make it come to life with flowers,
color and designs.

 Print out a simple and large image of a skull.
Cut it in half. Let the students draw only this half on folded paper with a pencil.
Make sure the fold of the paper is on the same side as the center of the skull.
Outline with a marker.

Make sure that you draw light till you know it's right.
Then you can go darker with a marker.

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It should look like this when done.

 Trace image while folded to the other side with a pencil.
It helps to hold it up to a light box, window or display case if possible.

 Outline other half now with a marker to even out skull.
 Cut out skull and glue down to small construction paper.
Glue down this small piece to a larger piece.
 Use a pencil to decorate the skull, border and inside the border.
You can make it a mad (add mustache, hat or bow tie)
or a woman (flowers in hair, lipstick, eyelashes, etc.).
Use design ideas from Mexican culture.
Use crayons to color and decorate the art with bright and joyful colors.

My Daughter, Maisy 5th grade

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