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Monday, September 24, 2018

Underground Root Veggies

Students looked at images of root veggies from under ground. We talked about the difference between a vegetable garden and a flower garden. We will talk about how just because something is underground doesn't mean you can't identify it. Some root veggies have flowers, colored stems or specific shaped leaves. 

Carrot Seeds

Coloegrove Sweet Potatoes 
1st grade 
Tristan, Damien, Jaelyyn, 
Tenley, Julio & Jacob.

Wilkinson's Class 
Maisie, Bobby & Adelaide

Kinder Carrots

Hanson's clas
Brantley, Sophia, Hazir, Joshua,
 Addalynn, Andrew, Emma & Greyson

Mrs. Walker's Carrots 
Anonymous, Lillie, Kason, 
Daniel, Avery & James.
Anonymous, Preslyee, Grayson, 
Kyler, Henry & Joselyn. 

Mrs. Browning's Class
Gus, Trento, Eden, 
Emma, Addison & Johnny

Mrs. Clarke'e Class
Noah, Sophia, Gunner, 
Storms & Harlee

Mrs. Gilbreath's class
Johnny, Lucy, Christopher, 
Matt, Jaxton & Lily. 

Students will practice drawing the vegetables. They will then choose 2-3 veggies to put in  their drawings. WE will fold the paper in half for the horizon line. Below the horizon will be what is under the dirt. Above the horizon will be what is above the dirt. 
They can be creative and put things that would live underground and above ground. 
Draw this lightly with a pencil in the beginning.  
Then the will go over their soft lines with a permanent black marker. 

They will then begin painting the picture with some tempera cakes. 

Mrs. Clarke's kinder artists

sky and dirt can be left white if desired. 

Or painted.... 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Squirrel with a Nut

Parrish Squirrels 2nd grade
Aiden, Dorothy, Madison, 
Maddy, Ava & Brayden

Gaines Squirrels
Joline, Amelia, Lilly R., 
Jalyn, Lilly P. & Landri 

Goforth's Class 2nd grade
Leo, Abigail, Ella, 
Raegan, Faith, Nicole, 
Kyler, laney & Ryan.

Mrs. Nivison's 2nd grade class
Hannah, Rylee, Maddy,
 Katelyn, Ella, Allyie & Braxton 

I like to start out by reading a book from our school library 
or sharing an educational video about our project. 

Squirrels Treasure Acorns
They bury them away for the Winter. 

SciShow Kids
Why do Squirrels DIg?

Acorns come from an oak tree. 
Here is what an oak leaf looks like. 

Maddy, 2nd grade Nivison

Friday, September 14, 2018

Stained Glass Pumpkin

Brady (above)

Lilly (above)

Jessica (above) 

Neel 4th grade
Genna, Ryan, Devini, 
Judge, Devon, 
Gracie Mila & Riley.

 Teel 3rd grade
Jayla, Brooke, Peyton, 
Sadie, Ryan & Kent. 

Thommason 3rd grade
Silas, Melissa, 
Natalie & Faith Ann

Matty, chelsie, 
Colt, ?, Kendal, 
Lilly, ? , 
Brett & Kason

Whatley 3rd grade
Andrew, Tagen, Michele & Har (bottom

 Mrs. Smartt's 4th grade class
Sofia, Faith, Ella, 
Avery, Ramsie & Cadence


Steps to Creating Pumpkin


Different Project, same technique