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Monday, September 24, 2018

Underground Root Veggies

Students looked at images of root veggies from under ground. We talked about the difference between a vegetable garden and a flower garden. We will talk about how just because something is underground doesn't mean you can't identify it. Some root veggies have flowers, colored stems or specific shaped leaves. 

Carrot Seeds

Kinder Carrots
Mrs. Browning's Class
Gus, Trento, Eden, 
Emma, Addison & Johnny

Mrs. Clarke'e Class
Noah, Sophia, Gunner, 
Storms & Harlee

Mrs. Gilbreath's class
Johnny, Lucy, Christopher, 
Matt, Jaxton & Lily. 

Students will practice drawing the vegetables. They will then choose 2-3 veggies to put in  their drawings. WE will fold the paper in half for the horizon line. Below the horizon will be what is under the dirt. Above the horizon will be what is above the dirt. 
They can be creative and put things that would live underground and above ground. 
Draw this lightly with a pencil in the beginning.  
Then the will go over their soft lines with a permanent black marker. 

They will then begin painting the picture with some tempera cakes. 

Mrs. Clarke's kinder artists

sky and dirt can be left white if desired. 

Or painted.... 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Squirrel with a Nut

I like to start out by reading a book from our school library 
or sharing an educational video about our project. 

Squirrels Treasure Acorns
They bury them away for the Winter. 

SciShow Kids
Why do Squirrels DIg?

Acorns come from an oak tree. 
Here is what an oak leaf looks like. 

Maddy, 2nd grade Nivison

Friday, September 14, 2018

Stained Glass Pumpkin


Different Project, same technique

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Carl's Glass Gems Corn Painting

I am so in love with this beautiful rainbow corn cob project. 

Image above from source below...

Image above from source below...

The first video is based on teaching contour line on the shape of the cob. 
Contour lines are lines that follow the outline of a shape. 
I compare them to the lines on a globe, a hot air balloon or a cactus. 
We then will draw kernels in each crossing contour line. 
Outline with permanent marker. 

alternative wth accrlic

After outline is complete, white crayon (non washable) will be added to the tops of each kernel. 
This will be the shine on the glossy gems. 
You need to push down hard when doing shine in order for the paint to resist the wax. 
Then, using water paints, make each kernel colorful. You can use a color scheme or be totally random. It can be realistic or very abstract. You are the artist, you decide. 

Lastly, paint the background, if you want. 
I wanted to make mine colorful, but did not want my corn to be overpowered by the color.
So, I used horizontal lines of soft color underneath. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Purple Line Landscape

Students read/watch the book narration for 
Harold and the Purple Crayon

You can see it here...
We talk about the different types of line. 
We talk about what kinds of line represent what kinds of places. 
BIG Horizontal zig zag can be mountains.
What could little horizontal zig zag be?
Horizontal wavy could be water. 
What could horizontal bumpy be?

What shapes create the houses in a
sub-urban community?
What shapes represent the buildings in an
urban community?


Senior Helper, Griselle 12th grade

Mrs. Vickie's 1st graders
Alba Golden Elem. 
Mrs. Gilbreath's class
Johnny, Bayley,
Lucy & Haoh. 
Mrs. Clarke's Kinder class
Rengun, Emma, 
Haon, Kaleb, 
Hareehar, Aven. 
(As spelled)
Mrs. Venable's class 
 Kynlee, David, Colt, Abigail, Bella & Alice
Mrs. Walker's class
1st grade
Levi, Joselyn, 
Lillie, Henry, 
Kyler & Grayson

Kinder students from Krahn Elementary Spring 2018