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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


We watched videos on YouTube about owls. 
See them here...



Then we looked at real images of owls on google pictures. 
We sketched out our owls together step by step (teacher led). 
After this, students were encouraged to draw it again using their own ideas and imaginations while looking at a slideshow of real owls. 

Begin by selecting a piece of neutral paper. 
Draw the owl very lightly on the paper, filling up the space. 

 Always draw light until you  know it's right, then go darker with a marker. 
This subtracts from frustration and adds emphasis to what's good. 
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We used a circle tracer to select the right size for the eyes. Use orange or yellow paper, trace circles and cut out 2 circle eyes. 

Glue them on top of the eyes you drew with pencil. 
Use a black marker to make your details darker. 
Add texture and detail to your drawing. 

 I love construction paper crayons!!
They are designed to show up well on darker colored paper. 
Use these crayons to add bright color to the details of your owl. 

Cut out your owl and glue it down to a larger night color paper;
Black, blue, purple or grey. 
More glue does not equal better hold! Use dots around edges of owl then stick it down. 

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Use a black marker to add a limb for your owl to stand on. 
You can also draw leaves coming off the limb. You can draw a moon, birds or whatever your imagination leads you to.

Use construction paper crayons again to add to the background! be careful not to cover up your black lines. These crayons are good at covering up that stuff. 
You are done! 

Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade class (below)

Mrs. Hudeck's 1st grade class (below)

Mrs. Torres's 1st grade class (below)

See another version of drawing owls here that I did year ago for elementary. 

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