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Friday, May 29, 2015

Mini-Masterpiece Wall

End of the year Mini-Masterpiece wall! 
Each picture done on notecard during down time in various classes. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

SunFlower StillLife

I discussed the life and art of Vincent VanGogh. For the k-1 students I showed them the Mati & DADa VanGogh video (through YouTube). For the 2-5 students I showed them the video...
For younger students I showed them how to draw the still life using these steps below...

These were some results...
Mrs. Maddox 5th grade 2018
Kolby, Kandyce, Hailey, Zoey,
Maci, Jasmine, Bryce & Bryan
Cramer's 5th grade 2018
Andrea, Elsa, Karis, Noah, Kai,
Teiryne, Inshaal, Michael, Sean & Regan.

Mrs. Parker's 5th grade

 Brooke, NoName (horizontals),
Christelle, Michelle, Eloise,
Colten, Kayla, Sofia,
Brianna & Tina

Gavin, Ryleigh, Erin & Jayden.
Blankenship 5th grade 2018
Sonia, Evan, Carlee, Andre & Stacey
Savana, Caleb N., Isaac & Jayden

Gonzalez 5th grade 2018
Heila, Kenut, Brittney & Caiden
Paola, Maisy, Isabella & Austyn

2016 5th grade
Mrs. Maddox's class

Caitlyn, Cassandra,  Kiamora, 
Dylan, Aniyah, lyrik & Spencer

Mrs. Maddox's 5th grade
Long Sunflowers
Emily, Vanessa, Elaina, Braden...
Christina, Katie, Hanna, Brandon, Laila...
Gianni, Blake, Morgan, Kate & Ayden. 

Mrs. May's 3rd grade class.

Mrs. Meleski's 3rd grade 
Devyn, Arooba, Ivy,
 Isaiah, Noah & Gisselle
Mrs. Mara's 1st grade 
Jake, Daniela, Addison & Ella. 
Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade
Michael O., Maisy, Adithya, Dylan, 
Harley, Alyah, Adonis & Regan
Mrs. Hall's 3rd grade class
Faith, Violet, Armando, David, 
Leo P.,  Ava, Jaxon & Autumn
Ben, Isaiah & Anthony
KinderArt mrs. Zarella's
Maddison, Alexis, James, 
Scarlett, Andrea & Carter
Mrs. Simble's first grade
Callie, Ashton, Rahmah, 
Erik & Lauren 
Mrs. Kolon's kinder art
Mrs. Smee's 1st grade

5th grade
Mrs. Blankenship

4th grade, mrs. Johnson

Another option I will try in future; 
Step by Step
Crayon Resist Paper cut-out 

Long Sunflowers
For my older students I tried it on longer paper having them go off the edge with the design while using overlapping as well... 
Start with pencil and outline with Sharpie...
Students working... 
2nd grader (above)
5th graders (above)

I used a white crayon on the top edges of my petals and leafs to make a highlight that would be later resisted by the paint...

Use tempera cakes or watercolor to fill in the flowers and background. 
Students working... 
5th graders (above)