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Monday, March 27, 2017

Resistible Rockets

Awesome Fun Video about Outer Space

Example of Rocket in process of Resist. 
Bryan Working 
1st grade, Mrs. McGinley's class

Mrs. Nivison's 2nd grade class painting.

Mrs. Parrish's 2nd grade class
of Alba0Golden Elementary
AJ, Kenzie, Dorthy, 
Aiden, Madison & Ava

from Krahn Elementary 
Burkes's 3rd grade Rockets
Ashton and Landon

Adrian, Jake, Colin, 
Heaven, Joel & Zayd


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Colors of Diversity

M.C. Escher
Image result for mc escher pencil 
I like the idea of how Escher uses pencil in his pictures to make it seem like the drawing is drawing itself. We are using a similar idea to celebrate diversity in our school. 

Jayden, 4th grade
Chosen to be considered by district for 
The Diversity Calendar 2017-18

Office Favorites!

Crayons are better when you have more colors to choose from. 
Variety and Diversity make the art
room happy.
THe same with our world. IT would be a boring place if we all looked, talked, thought, sounded, and did the same things. We might as well be robots. Being unique is a brave thing. 

We talked as a class about light sources, shadows on an object and shadows cast from an object. 
They were shown how to use a blendy stump as an assistant to the pencil for smooth shading. 
We talked about overlapping & placement of drawing crayons on the paper
 (off the page, on the page, overlapping, random angles).

 Draw the shape of the crayon's body. A stencil can be used for consistency of width. 
 Draw the tip to the crayon.
Outline the crayon with a black matker. Shade the 2 sides opposite the light with a pencil. 
Blend it with the paper stumt (or alternative q-tip). 

See Students Working below
 4th grade Wednesday Class
Mrs. Thomas's class

 After the crayons are drawn, shaded ad colored... 
students will use the tip of the crayons to make ideas (drawings or words) related to 
DIVERSITY around the crayons. The crayons symbolize the fun of a wide range of color choices, the words confirm the idea of Celebrating Diversity. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Human Eye

These Eyes were created by my 4th grade Wednesday class


How to Draw and Eye 

See the step by step video here.
(apologies for my amateur, or non-existing,  video editing skills)


Thursday, March 9, 2017


(Background, MiddleGround & ForeGround)
Vocabulary- perspective, depth, space, value, detail, contrast.

1. Building a Background

2. Draw the Seahorse