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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cool and Warm Hands

I taught the 6th graders the difference between cool and warm color on the color wheel. I assigned them the task of using a tracing of thier hands to fill in with warm or cool colors only. I challenged them to use lines only, but allowed them to use shapes as well as part of their designs. As part of the advice, I had them only get a collection of whatever colors they work working with at one time (a pile of warm only or a pile of cool only) so they do not accidently grab the wrong color and mess up the lesson goal.
3rd Grade Example
Mrs. Russel's homeroom

My teacher examples for the 6th grade...

Warm hand with Cool Background

Cool hand with Warm Background

2 student examples from 6th grade

To See more student artowrk on this project or others from my school webpage, visit...


  1. These are great! They really help the students remember the difference between warm & cold colours. Thanks for sharing, Ruth

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