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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Koi Fish Pond

Begin by drawing lily pads scattered around paper with a pencil.
When they look how you like, use a BLACK permanent marker to outline them

4th grade light pencil sketch

Draw Koi fish swimming around the pond with a pencil. 
This is the steps I found most helpful... from Art Projects For Kids website.
WHen they look how you like, outline them with a BLUE crayon or Blue permanent marker.
Color LilyPads with a green crayon using VERY HARD pressure.
I blended 3 greens together. 
Draw ripples around lily pads with white and blue crayon using VERY HARD pressure. 
(you will see white later). 
Draw bubbles with a white crayon behind the koi fish's tail using HARD pressure.
COlor the Koi fish with crayons using hard pressure with crayons again. 
Anything you want white you will have to color white. 
Use watercolor or tempera cakes to paint in water. THe crayon you used before very HARD will resist the paint if you use enough water.

How to do paint technique
Fill water up with paint dots until it is complete!

Nice video to play while students are working, water noises and Koi Fish swimming around

Teacher Example (above)
Maisy, 3rd grade (above)
Crayola color sticks 
on construction paper
Alternative 3

Draw 4 big lily pads on small green construction paper...


Cut out lily pads. Make sure to cut out "x" section. Some can be cut in half to appear as 2 separate pads going off the picture. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Great Wave

Original Painting by Hokusai 
Cute kid friendly video about the life and paintings of Hokusai

Get it Drawn

Warm sky
(Red, orange, yellow & pink)
Here I used tempera cakes

Cool Water
(Green, blue & Violet)
Here I used watercolor crayons coloring in the direction of the wave. 

Finish With Water

Great Lesson here from Deep Space Sparkle
another spot for seeing this lesson

Monday, April 25, 2016

Colorful Chameleon

Andrew, Alivia, 
Anonymous, Mia, 
Lyric & Gunnar
Student Examples (below)
Mrs. Jamison's 2nd grade

Jameson, anonymous, 
Trent, Selena, 
Daniela & Moses. 
Mrs. Groth's 1st grade
Books about these colorful creatures. 

Videos about Chameleons for kids

Happy Learning

Wild Kratz

Final step by Step
My How to Draw Videos

Part One, use a Pencil. Starting with the basics

Part Two, use pencil harder or marker. Adding the details. 

Sketch light first 

Step by step
Key: use a pencil lightly first!!
 I used a light colored marker to represent sketch mode. 
1. Big 1/2 circle "taco" @ top 

2. Beanie Hat (head) on 
Taco (body)

3. Eye and mouth on "beanie" 

4. Peek a Boo back eye

5. Spiral tail

6. Legs ( like a forward & backward 7)
7. Draw in tree limb. 2 horizontal & parallel lines. Top like should touch bottom of "7" leg. 

8. Foot 
The are like 2 big "C"s for foot and 2 little "c"s for toes. 

9. Back legs & toes
Final Step...
Use a marker now to put in creative details! 

Adding color ------
Can use tempera cakes. 
Arrange paints in color order
Paint chameleon in rainbow order. 
If rainbow end before done, make a rainbow pattern. 
Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade paint...
Gabriel & Ava 
Mrs. Johnson's 1st graders


Or you can use Watercolor Crayons
Are does not have to be fully filled in. 
Leave white room for it to fill in when water is applied. 
Apply water to crayon. Start at one end and work way down. 
Glue down onto colored construction paper. Use crayons to make patchy scribbles of colors that are in your chameleon's body. 
I used a peeled black crayon around edges to emphasize center colors and subject. 
Adding depth & space with foliage. 
Using green paper, draw leaves of many sizes. Outline with black market and use green and white crayons to color along lines marker lines (adds form). 
Drawing some larger leaves off edge will make it seem like we are peeking in on our chameleon. 
Cut and glue foliage.

Inspired by these other sources:

videos about chameleons

THe Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle

A Color of His own by Leo Lionni

Why does a CHameleon Change Colors?