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Friday, August 19, 2016

How to Make a Creative NameTag

Using creative lettering ideas to create amazing Name Designs. 

Basic steps.
Kinder -1st grade
If kinder needs pre-teaching, scroll to bottom for pre-assignment. 

Start with line letters using a light color marker. Leave space in between. They will get thicker. 
Use a darker color marker to deactivate little touching circles going over letters. 
Draw more circles all around name. Do not fill them in with color. Leave them circles. 
Finish filling in entire background with little circles in different colors. Do circles till you can fit any more. 
2nd- 3rd grade

Basic Steps
Start with line letters using a light color marker. Leave space in between. They will get thicker. 
Trace around thick light line with a darker color marker. 
Use pencil or marker to draw lines around name. Keep going until it runs off page. 
Color inbetween the lines with contrasting colors, patterns or a scheme. 

Kinder Pre-Assignment
Have all kiser write ART in all caps very lightly with pencil. 

Watch me introduce The Importance of Creative Lettering in the video.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fxB7UiviXRE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Koi Fish Pond

Mrs. Blankenship's summer 2016
5th grade
Student Examples of alternative method

Madi, Noah, Anonymous, 
Alise, Abigail, Lisa, 
Andre, Lizzie & Angela
Kaden & Jimmy
Student examples of Paint Method
Mrs. Do's 4th grade Summer 2016
Begin by drawing lily pads scattered around paper with a pencil.
When they look how you like, use a BLACK permanent marker to outline them

4th grade light pencil sketch

Draw Koi fish swimming around the pond with a pencil. 
This is the steps I found most helpful... from Art Projects For Kids website.
WHen they look how you like, outline them with a BLUE crayon or Blue permanent marker.
Color LilyPads with a green crayon using VERY HARD pressure.
I blended 3 greens together. 
Draw ripples around lily pads with white and blue crayon using VERY HARD pressure. 
(you will see white later). 
Draw bubbles with a white crayon behind the koi fish's tail using HARD pressure.
COlor the Koi fish with crayons using hard pressure with crayons again. 
Anything you want white you will have to color white. 
Use watercolor or tempera cakes to paint in water. THe crayon you used before very HARD will resist the paint if you use enough water.

How to do paint technique
Fill water up with paint dots until it is complete!

Nice video to play while students are working, water noises and Koi Fish swimming around

Teacher Example (above)
Maisy, 3rd grade (above)
Crayola color sticks 
on construction paper
Alternative 3

Draw 4 big lily pads on small green construction paper...


Cut out lily pads. Make sure to cut out "x" section. Some can be cut in half to appear as 2 separate pads going off the picture.