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Monday, January 26, 2015


Basic supplies...
Choose a background color for sky (no green, red, black or brown)
Use crayons to decorate sky...
I try to get the students thinking of a place for their bugs to live before they get there. Are they going to live under a mushroom, in a park, in a vegetable garden, flowerbed... Also, let them know that the world looks HUGE to little LadyBugs. So, if they draw something, draw it BIG!!!
I also showed some student pictures of lady bugs on grass blades with water droplets on them. I tried to get my 1st graders to attempt the drops if they were feeling extra creative and up for a challenge.

Use a 1/3 piece of brown or black paper to represent dirt... They can make it bumpy at to if desired. 

Only glue sides and bottom down (you will see why later)...

Cut strips of green grass for bugs to crawl up. You will need 3-5... 

Tuck the grass under the dirt pile. 
Some can be added on top to add variety and depth.

Draw ladybugs (using step by step instructions) onto a separate smaller paper. 
Kindergarten step by step

1st grade step by step 
(adding highlight & shadows)

This could be done with crayons or markers (or combination). 
Have kids do 3-5 ladybugs using 1-5 dots on bugs body (help with symmetry, counting up, even numbers, and double addition).

Cut out ang glue bugs going up the grass. Draw on 6 legs and 2 antennas. 
If there is extra time, students could add texture to grass... 
Below- same thing with a little different details. Just me experimenting ��

Inspired from Whitney Elementary School's Artonia "ladybugs in grass" kinder art...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Paper Heart

Happy Line Hearts
(All 6 above are teacher examples, 
mrs. Seaton had to much fun! ��)

Let's begin...

You will need small construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons, pencil. 

You will learn how to make a symmetrical shape by folding paper, pattern, line variety, positive & negative shape. 
FOLD paper in half, horizontal or vertical. TURN fold to left, DRAW a hook on the fold, CUT along hook. OPEN positive shape to reveal heart...
Above; using the positive and negative together on large black background paper. 
Above is an example of a positive blue shaped heart cut out & the negative blue piece left from it. They can both be used... ��
Here above, I am using the positive blue heart on orange. After gluing the heart to a background paper, use crayons to add in lines, patterns, designs & doodles around and in heart. 
Almost done... 

Below, I placed the blue negative heart on a yellow paper and traced it. I removed the negative to draw designs with crayon again...
When designs on negative heart were done, I glued the blue negative onto the yellow background... 
I then used the crayons to decorate the pliĆ© negative heart. 

Alternative cuts using positive with negative... 
Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade class

Kindergarten-mrs. Sharpton 
1st grade- Mrs. Parker

Mrs. Jamison's 2nd grade

Mrs. Zarella's kinder

Mrs. White's 2nd grade

Mrs. Simbles' 1st grade

Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade

Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to Draw a Cardinal

How to Draw a Cardinal (back view)
Courtesy of Tabitha from TheLostSock

Cardinal (side view) from
Unknown source 
Below www.cartooncritters.com

Red Bird on a Wire...

Tuesday Art
1st & kinder

Birds congregate on wires while migrating...
Draw the wires  and red birds migrating.

My classes are on a Cardinal Unit 
(see here; http://tabithaannthelostsock.blogspot.com/2015/01/cardinal-art.html)
As we arrive back from the break. I am going to have a sub for 3 lower level classes and needed a filler. This is perfect!!! Could be done with red ink and thumb prints too. 

1. Draw 2 vertical plea on each side of paper.

Add three short horizontal poles on each pole. 

3. Fill in with black. 

5. Draw 4-6 swooping horizontal lines going back and forth between poles. 
6. Draw birds. First start with red ovals for the bodies.

Draw in black circles for eyes. 
Draw in black triangles for beaks. 

Make a black filled in circle around eyes. 

Fill in beak and body with red while leaving eyes white. 

Add head and tail feathers with red lines. 

Add legs with black. 
Fill in creative with details desired...