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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Henri Matisse Blue Willow Still Life

Pictures below are original Henri Matisse still life paintings using flowers and blue willow pattern. 

 This is not the first time I have been inspired by Blue Willow pottery or Henri Matisse. 

Matisse Lesson
Blue Willow lesson

I'm not the only one that is inspired by him either... 
Here is another great artist that is inspired by Matisse. 
Her name is 

Lara Meintjes

See her work here..

Monday, May 6, 2019

3D Wiggly Fish

Find paper.
Fold into a square. 
Make right side and top edge perfectly aligned. 
Then crease down. 
 Trace the bottom of that fold (what was the top) along where it is now. 
Open and cut off extra piece. Do NOT throw it away! It will be used for fin and tail. 
 After extra is cut off, lay in front of you like a diamond with point toward you and away from you. 
FOld right and left top edges into meet the middle fold and crease (like a paper airplane). 
 Trance the new folds. The area here in the middle is the top of your fish that you will see. 
T His it he best time to decorate it before you cut it up. 
Draw designs or dots or you can even skip this step. 
 The part on the right will be your fish's head. I drew gills on the sides of it. 
 Use some scrap white paper to make 2 round pieces for your eyes. 
Make a black pupil with a shine in it. glue down. 
 Fold fish in half and lay it down. This is the hard part. 
 You will be cutting finger width lines starting right after where the head meets the body. 
Do not start directly where the head meets the body or else your head will get cut off. 
make your lines go parallel to the line where the head meets the body. 
Drawing these lines first may be helpful. 
 Cut on the lines stopping at where i drew the orange line. Do not go past this line. 
 After you cut the lines, open the fish body back up. 
Apply glue to only one side of the triangular side. 
(see note)
 Fold other triangular piec inward an on top of glue. Hold for about 30 seconds. 
Use a dot, not alot! 

Grab that extra piece I told you not to throw away. 
Lay it under the mouth of the fish. Make a mark of how wide the mouth is. 
It is better to make the mark slightly smaller. 
Cut a curved piece out the same width as the mouth. 
 Apply a think line of glue to the straight edge of this paper. 
 Glue it inside the mouth of the fish. 
 Take the rest of that scrap paper and draw a tail and 2 fins 
(a little longer than you think, I failed to do this.). 
glue the fins and tail on.

 Now, make friends with your fish. 
Make fishy lips and take a selfie. 
Show it off to your other friends and get them to make one too! 

IF you did not follow my steps, this will help you tons! 

Sunshine Rainbow

 Mrs. Walker's 1st grade class
Alba Golden ISD 2019
Lucy in  Kindergarten


 1st grade

Perfect for K-2nd graders

This is a great explanation for 3-5th graders

The image below inspired me to try this. 
I cannot find out where it came from ! 
Origins are "facebook". 
Help, if you know who first posted this, please let me know. 


Monday, April 15, 2019

Drawing Paintbrushes

Idea inspired by Instagram art teacher,

Cinco e Mayo quilt pattern

What is Cinco De Mayo?

This is a beautiful quilt made inspired by Cinco De Mayo!

 This is the plan for the design for our version of a paper 
Cinco De Mayo quilt. 

 There is a simple one for the older kids to add their own designs to before they color. 
For the younger kids, i made one a little more detailed with a zig zag for them to color. 

 We used crayons to color our desgins. 
 The design can be mounted to a background piece of construction paper. 
You can use a hole punch to add areas for string to decorate the edges of the artwork.