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Monday, May 4, 2015

Lion face

LeRoy Neiman's lion
Mr. Neiman has a series of big cats that uses very exciting, bold and abstract colors.
We are using his pictures to draw a lion's face using basic shapes and lines.
We are then using exciting, bold and abstract colors to use lines that radiate away from the face to the outer edges of the paper.
The exapmles above are created by Olivia (9), Madelynn (3),
Maisy (8) and me (age secret)
Zarla's kinder class

Begin the Face
Using basic lines and shapes.
1. Draw a black heart in the middle of the paper
2. Draw 2 lines going up from the heart
3. Draw 2 ovals, circles or football shapes going out from the top of the lines
4. Draw 2 small black dots in the eyes
5. Draw 2 line above the eyes for brow
6. Draw 2 curved lines coming out from the bottom of the heart
7. Use a white to draw a hard dot in the eye.  (this is a reflection)
8. In the eye use orange, yellow or green construction paper crayons to make the lion's eye colored.
BLending looks good
9. Add white whiskers, lip and chin hair to make the lion's face texture.

10. Begin using the bright and exiting colors on the mane around the face. Do not get the mane in the face. Keep the lines going from center point and out to the corners (like clock hands).

Ages 3, 8 & 9 (above)

This lesson could be done from kinder to 4th.
I kept the range from pre-k to 4th grade at home and all remained interested and understood.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Quartered Circle Design

Mrs. Dickinson's class
Mrs. Jamison's class
Mrs. Whites class
Mrs. Groves class
Mrs. Craig's class (below)

Mrs. Wildt's class (below)
Mrs. Hall's class (below)

Mrs. Fortner's class (below)
Ms. Chris & Ms. Kasey (below)
Mrs. Moultrie's class (below)
How to Begin...
You will need:
1. colored square sheets of construction paper (mine were 7 inches)
2. White square sheets of paper (same size as colored squares)
3. A circle form the same size as squares (7 inches)
4. Pencils with erasers
5. Crayons (regular and construction paper)
6. Scissors
7. Glue
9. Tape (if connecting individual squares into one design).

Fold colored square into quarters...

Faith from Mrs. Hall's classroom... before the cutting step (below)
Begin drawing design evenly in each quarter. Repeat the design 4 times in each design slice. 
When design is complete, cut out circle and along quarter fold lines. 
Glue each quarter into the 4 corners of the white paper square. Make shire the 90• angles go into the corners and rounded edges face inward. 

Keep individual squares separate or tape together on back like a quilt. 

Idea Inspired from this wonderful art site!
Visit for more amazing lessons

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Name from head to toe

*Begin by dividing your paper into sections for your name 
(one per every part)
*Using a pencil...
write your name in sections making sure the top (head) of every letter touches the top of the dividing line 
& sure the bottom (toe) of every letter touches the bottom of the dividing line.
 Each letter should be STRETCHED!!!!
*outline each section and letter with permanent black marker. 
*color with markers using contrasting colors in spaces that are connected. 


Monday, April 13, 2015

Hot Dog

This project uses dogs as the subject and color as the lesson. 
Warm colors are used for the dogs (red, orange, yellow, peach& pink). 
Cool colors are used for the backround (green, blue & violet). 
Markers (above)
Tempera cakes on watercolor paper (below)

Practice with dogs...
Chau in kinder (below)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Elementary Self Portaits

Kinder portraits
"U" can draw U...
 2nd grader (below)
Idea from here... 
Optional kinder full body
Draw yourself from head to toe...

Use color around yourself...

Keep adding color all around yourself till you cannot go anymore. 

Idea from here... 

And here... 

1st and 2nd gradeFull Body Self Portraits
Ideas from here...

Monochromatic Self Portraits- 
Use a mirror to pencil draw the basic shapes of your face. 
Choose 1 color in multiple mediums to draw and color your self-potrait. 

I outlined in green marker to give it a bold definition. 

I shaded in green crayon to add softer areas of vie in the shady areas of my face.. 

When all the colored Portaits are put together, it will make a rainbow!

Chuck Close self portraits 
Idea from www.frecklephoto.com
Draw a half face portrait...

See more here.