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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Loopy line Fish

Finished Teacher Example
By Tabitha Seaton

Step by Step instructions
1. Start both a line of loops from edge to edge of paper. Make loops BIG! 
2. Find the point where the loop line joins... On the outside of that joint make a curved line for the fish tail. 
3. At the top of the loop, make a fin. At the bottom, make another fun. Inside the loop make a side fun. At the round part of the loop make a face. Continue on all loops. 
4. Add more detail to fish. 
5. Finish all fish. 
6. Add details to background (bubbles, sand, plants...
Color if desired... 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fish Tank Still Life

Prepare the shape of the tank. 
Fold paper in half to make symmetrical
Add highlights around glass with white crayon. 
Create bumpy line for gravel.
Draw a wavy line at the top of tank for water line. 
Draw in creative plant life. Make bubbles come up from plants. 
Use other colorful crayons to brighten up tank ...
Glue tank Onto bigger paper. Make top and bottom two different colors. The top represents the wall & the bottom represents the table top surface. 
Add pattern to background. 
Use a separate paper for a fish. Cut out and glue down.
Make bubbles coming from fish mouth. 
Be creative...
Have fun with bold colored outlines...

Inspire others...

Madelynn & mommy (team work)

Maisy, 7 years old (above)

Olivia, 9 years old (above)

Incorporate children's literature ��
I showed the class the story of the Rainbow Fish
Instead of paper for the fish, we drew them on tin foil with permanent markers.
This is beautiful!
Warning: You do have to have more patience though. The tin foil is delicate and hard to cut. It could give very small cuts to the children as well. Need to warn them about that before starting. Also, the sharpie maker will rub off if handled to much during cutting. It may need to be retouched after gluing.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spiral Snails

Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade
Sarah, Gavin, Anna, Ava, Kaitlein, All & Addison
Mrs. Mara's 1st grade
Kayleigh, Addison, Daniela, jake, Jamie & Debora 
Mrs. Baylor's kinder class
Jessalyn, Landon, Ellie & joseph
Mrs. Ayer's kinder class
Emma, Ashlyn, No Name & Kyla 
Mrs. Smee's first grade
Logan, Sophie, Isabel, No Name, Melanie, Erin, No Name 2 & Emily
Mrs. Parker's 1st grade
Caleb, Alexis, Emma & Ria
Mia, Laila, Miya & Aayan 
Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade
Madi & hailey (above)
Sam, anonymous, Vanshika, Trent, Eliza & Allison (above)
Mrs. Simble's 1st grade class
Ashton, Sophia, Rahmah, Jett, Hayden &  Anonymous (Above)
Lauren & Callie (above)
Mrs. Kolon's kinder class
Justin, Payton, Gabriella & gage
Ava (below)
Mrs. Erck's kinder class
Torrin &peyton
Mia, anonymous, Ciara, Isaac, Payton W. 
  Mrs. Zarella's kinder class
Carter & Alexis (above)
Scarlett, Hazel, Maddison & Andrea 
Teacher Examples Below
by Tabitha Seaton

Night time scene with construction paper crayons...

My Madelynn (3 years)
(filter made with tempera cakes)
The process...
1. Draw a spiral line on the colorful coffee filter (see below steps and options)
Outline with black marker or crayon.l
2. Draw a snail body on the bottom of a colored paper.
Outline with black marker or crayon and cut out.
3. Glue coffee spiral down onto background paper. Glue snail body on top of filter.
4. Decorate the background paper in a scene that would be fit for a snail's enviroment.

BAttle of the Mediums... Experiment!

Tempera Cakes vs. Washable Markets on Coffee Filters...
Before water brush...
Add spots or scribbles of washable markers onto coffe filter...
 (better if warm or cool colors separate)

Lay wax paper square under coffee filters. 
Marker: With wet brush dot around the washable marker filter. 
Tempers cakes: With wet brush apply tempera color to filter. 

More washable marke experiments...
Playing with how to lay the marker down and seeing results vary.
(this art nerd had too much fun!)

Personally, I like the washable marker results better. Cleaner, easier to control & more vibrant!
Color Mixing Snails project from Artonia's