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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Circle, circle, Dot, Dot...

We are starting the new school in art. Like creAtivity, positivity is contagious! This WILL BE the BEST school YEAR EVER... PERIOd!
So let all pull out our arms and go "circle circle dot dot" cause you got your negativity shot! Lose those blues and get happy NOW! 
We will be using the simplest idea to begin our Art Year. A DOT. Wassily Kandinsky is one of the famous artist we will be studying that uses dots as his subject. He said, "Everything starts with a dot." 
We will also be looking at the amazing boo, The Dot by Peter Renolds. 
You can have it read to you here...
and hear "the Dot" song...

Colored Paper Circles- kinder
Mrs. Zarella's kinder art
Hard working creativity in  
Zarella's kinder class (below)

Intro lesson (first day)
Mrs. Zarella's kinder class (above)
Mrs. Meleski's 4th grade class (above)
We started with a dot in the middle of our notecard & made it better using markers. 
After we were done, creations were displayed in a "gold" swirly frame on our mini-masterpiece wall. 

1 Dot, 3 Circles Painting
1st grade 

6 Circles in 6 Boxes
2nd grade

Post - It Period
1st  grade

This can be done on "post it notes" or any square piece of paper. Locate center of square, begin there to create a circular design on paper. Be creative. These will be connected into a group mural.
Glue squares to larger rectangle paper to frame all together. 
Collage Version
4th grade
Teacher Example by Mrs. Morgan

Begin by tracing circles of various sizes onto scrap & colored paper. Cut out circles and lay in size ordered stacks. 

Glue down larger circles and stack smaller on top. 
You can also make circles with circles (using hole punch). 

make a circle from dots using a paper hole punch...
Marker Version
                          5th grade
Teacher Example by Mrs. Morgan (above)

Begin by tracing circles onto paper and tracing with marker. 
Add more designs inside & outside by using only circles & dots.
Fill up space with with design. 
Partner Period Piece
Experimental Grade
Todd Morgan (top two) &
Maisy (bottom two)
- draw curve of a 1/4 circle from opposing corners and make a design in and even out of curve. You can use crayon or marker. These will be connected to partner's pieces to make a full circle. 
Be Inspired by the Masters...
Wasily Kandinsky (above)

Wassily Kandinsky Circles in Circle

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Name Fish

At the beginning of the "school" year (get it, ha ha ��) it is best to do projects that connect the kids faces to their names. 
I like the idea of these fish shapes being the border of the names. The spaces in between are where you fill in with design, doodles or zentangles. 
Start out with just light pencil to plan out placement and draw in name. Finalize lines with a sharpie. Then add doodles in between letters. 
For zentangle ideas, YouTube has videos you can run through during class to continually inspire students. 

Where I got inspired; 
Patterned Name fish from here...
4th grade entangle fish from here;

More Ideas like this can be found swimming all over Arsonia and Pinterest! 

Mondrian Name Design

Piet Mondrian 1872-1944
Composition in Blue, Yellow & Red
Broadway Boogie Woogie
Influenced culture & design 

We are going to used his ideas to create our names. 
He used straight black lines going up, down, side to side to make shapes. 
He filled in some of those shapes with colors. He kept his color choices basic; black, white, red, yellow & blue (primary colors). 
Mrs. Tabitha "Seaton" Morgan (above)
Maisy 3rd grade (above)
Our Assignment;
1. Write your name BIG in pencil on white paper trying to STRETCH the tops and bottoms of the letters to the to and bottom of paper. 
2. Use a black permanent marker to outline the letters boldly. Add more lines in spots in between the letters to add more block shapes. 
3. Color in shapes/boxes using black, red, yellow, or blue.