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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Creative Journaling

Journaling is a great tool for people that are needing to get their thoughts
 in order or out of their heads. 
IT is also a great place for storing your 
ideas & emotions. 
It is a great place to record  your life so that you can look back on it later. 
We use peoples's journals from the past as a way to understand more of what was going on in a time or in thier heads. Like The Diary of Anne Frank or Leonardo DaVinci's illustrated invention journals, 
 Google Image search 
"Leonardo DaVinci Journal" to see way more. 

I have been journaling since I was in 2nd grade. 
I love going back and reading things that consumed me or seeing what pictures I drew. 
I used to write about how I had a crush on a boy,
or how life was so unfair because Mrs.Watson forced me to eat all my macaroni and cheese before I could go out to recess. 
I kept writing all the way up to middle school, high
school, college and adulthood. 
Writing got me through happy and sad times. 
My journals are something I will leave behind after I am gone,
 for others to know what things were like. 
I write about different things now. Most of the time I draw with me writing. 
This is called illustrated journaling. 
Here is one I did yesterday when I was thinking about what kind of person I want to be. 
Sometimes you can do something in a journal that can lead to something more. 
After I was done, I decided to use it as a sketch for a painting. 

Journaling doesn't have to be deep or time consuming, 
I can be as simple as drawing 5 things you never wanna live without... ,

My daughters pARTicipated too...
Maddy 3rd grade & Maisy 7th

 Or drawing 5 things you
 found in your front yard. 

Here are some pretty neat things I found online of other artist 
Illustrated Journals. 

Adam Hacklander's Travel Journal
He is on Instagram if you want to see more...

Also, check out Wedgie's Art Journaling online

Check out Liyin Yeo's jounaling

Monday, March 23, 2020

Art Class Coloring Pages

 All Hand Drawn originals
Scanned at high resolution. 

Go get 31 coloring sheets to keep kids busy over this break. 
This is valued at $84 and is only $44 for a limited time. 
Go Get It now....

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Ted Harrison Landscapes

During this time, I will be teaching from home in my Art Studio.

THis will be the third lesson that takes place from home.
If you have completed the Moved by Music Illustration and Moved my Nature,
you are ready to move onto the Line Landscapes.

I talk alot about being inspired before you begin. This is super important to an artist.
We are not machines that can just stamp out art on demand. If this happens, it takes the joy away from Creation. It takes the feeling and emotion away from the art.
This project is open for you to use whatever lines and colors you FEEL like using.
But it does require some guidelines as well.
look through full blog post and head all the way down to the bottom for the criteria.

I've been very inspired by Layered Linear Landscapes in the past. 
Ive looked for artists that inspire this idea for me. 

I just recently discovered Ted Harrison, the landscape artist. 
I am so excited because his art encompasses so many things I've been trying to capture.  
Line, Layers, Color, Movement, Unity and Space. 

Here are some Images created by Ted Harrison. 


Ted Harrison is not the only artist with this sort of Landscape style. 
Great minds think alike, right?
I wonder who Ted was inspired by...

Maybe the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis ?
They were in his area...

Maybe Vincent VanGogh,
The OG of using paint lines to form the land...

 Maybe Grant Wood...

Here are some ladies that I discovered that paint beautiful landscapes with the same sort of idea. 
You can never have enough inspiration. 

Valerian Leblond

I love how she layers the lines using texture in them as well. 
I love how she changes colors in her art to change the feeling. 
How do you feel when you look at the first 2? 
How do you feel when you look at the last 2? 
Why does that change?

Rebecca Vincent

She has a unique method of making her lines across her artwork. 
this could be a fun idea for you to mimic her method. 
Watch video of her at bottom. It shows her working on a piece. 
You could cut strips of paper out of magazines and lay them across the paper and glue them down.
Just a thought.... 

You are open to use whatever supplies you have.
 Valerian Leblond paints of wood. 
Rebecca Vincent uses strips of paper and printmaking methods. 
Mrs. Morgan uses paint on canvas. 
You can use computer paper with marker, cardboard from trash and a pen, 
or sidewalk chalk on your driveway. 
You do what you want while following these guidelines below. 

1. Make it a landscape (must have a sky, a ground and details that communicate as outside).
2. Focus should be on lines that go from side to side to make the sky, land, water. 
That's it. 

Make your landscape and send it to me in Google Classroom, email it to me at morgant@mineolaisd.net, or post it to instgram and tag me in it #lostsockcreations. 
I'm gonna keep making more in different ways, so stay tuned for updates.