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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spiral Snails

Mrs. Seaton (35 years)
My Madelynn (3 years)

The process...

BAttle of the Mediums... Experiment!

Tempera Cakes vs. Washable Markets on Coffee Filters... 
Before water brush...
Add spots or scribbles of washable markers onto coffe filter...
 (better if warm or cool colors separate)

Lay wax paper square under coffee filters. 
Marker: With wet brush dot around the washable marker filter. 
Tempers cakes: With wet brush apply tempera color to filter. 

Personally, I like the washable marker results better. Cleaner, easier to control & more vibrant!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jelly Fish

Cool thing is, our past assignment was hot air balloons that taught the students how to use contour lines on a ballooned form. The jellyfish are a perfect match for continuing the learning into a new subject. 
Jellyfish are fascinating creatures!!! 


Construction Paper Crayons on 
Colored Paper...

Colored Pastel Chalk with Coffee Filter
Advanced multi medium

Friday, February 13, 2015

Faces of Diversity

These are some ways I came up with to try to teach diversity in our school as a wonderful thing.... A celebration!

2nd & 3rd grade

I made a handout to help inspire students to use a basic circle to begin an assortment of diverse faces...

Mrs. Zarella's kinder class working...

Kinder & 1st grade
In art there is so many choices of supplies, colors, shades, tints, designs & lines that could be used to create. It's this diversity that keeps art... 
Or life... fUN!

Photo above from fanpop.com
Above, teacher Example finished
Below: first grade students

Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade
Trevor, Ally, Kaitlein & Esco
Sarah in mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade
Mrs. Smee's 1st grade
Nathalia from mrs. Simble's 1st grade

McGinley's 1st grade 
Mrs. Kolon's kinder class

So, I chose for my little art students to use colored pencils as a subject for displaying diversity of size, colors & lines. 

Cut a rainbow of paper into 1.5 inch strips (including brown)...

Add highlights down the center of each pencil with a white crayon. 

Glue the colored pencils down in rainbow order...

Changing heights and adding faces makes them even more diverse!