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Monday, October 17, 2016

Optical Illusion American Flag

Draw 4 vertical lines on paper that get closer together (but not touching) on paper. 
Draw curved lines in every other vertical column. 
Turn paper other way to make lines contouring in opposing direction. Make sure they match up with opposing lines, touching ends. 

Leave the corner open for stars. 
Dra a bent contour guideline to draw stars on the open space of flag. 
Color with the contour. 
Color softly with red crayon. 
Bend your coloring with the bend of the line. 
Add shadows by pressing harder close to the bertical lines with the red crayon. 
Use the blue crayon lightly along the white stripe's vertical line to show shadow. 
-alternative color using grey or black. 
Color behind stars hard with blue. 


Use a mirror or magazine image as reference to draw eye. 

Know the different parts of the eye; 
Pupil, iris, tear duct, lashes, 
-draw an ellipse (football) shape 
Bring the inside corner out and down slightly to create the tear duct. 

Draw the black ring that makes the iris of the eye. It is a full circle, but the top and bottom are normally hidden beneath the lid. 

Draw the pupil in the center of the iris. 
Add a shape that sits on the iris and pupil simotaneously to represent a glare if light. Leave this white, but color the pupil in black. 

Draw the rim of the bottom lid beneath the bottom of the eye (very thin). Draw small lashes coming from the lash line. 

-Divide the eye's iris into 6 sections. 
Divide the background into 6 sections. 
-In the eye, color solid in rainbow order; 
Red, orange, yellow, 
green, blue & purple. 
Outside the eye, doodle in rainbow order. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016


(Created in 1class/ 40 mins)

Getting started:
Use lighter color construction paper
Find a colored marker that is similar but darker than the colored paper...

Use white paper that is the same size. 
Fold in half. 
Bottom half only, fold into four. 
With black marker, Draw a city scape on white paper that stays low on top section. 
HINT: Try not to draw buildings too tall here or they will hide the background scene. 
Cut off white are above cityscape. 
Use dots of glue on bottom fold of paper (#4)
Glue this to the back of cityscape. 
Let dry

Draw a landscape or cityscape taller on this top half of paper. Bottom half will be an Arial view of the ground. You can draw roads or plants. 

Add glue to #3&4 and glue to background colored paper. 

Fold toilet paper roll flat. 
Open. Match up folds and flatten again. 
You will now have 4 folds. 
Snip the folds about an inch down. 
Fold opposing flaps towards each other then other opposing on top. 
Flatten back doe and decorate with marker. 

Fold construction paper in half. Let top be sky and horizon line. This line is where buildings begin and trees grow. 
The bottom half is the ground. 
Put building Gs on paper and prop against wall or table. 
POP-Up city
Alternative for younger artists: 
Cut around city being careful not to cut off tab at bottom. 
Fold tab back & glue to background . 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Patterned Fall Leaf

Pattern: repeated lines, shapes or colors

Mrs. Penn's kinder class
Leah & lily drawing patterns

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Cardinal

ArtSmart words; distance, perspective, warm colors, 

Use markers to fill up paper with fall leaf colors. Any warm colors (red, orange, yellow, gold, pink...)
And also yellow-green. 
Fill in paper with marker scribble patches until full. 

This looks finished. 
Water the paper with a brush...

Let dry. 
Embellish with crayons. 
Cut out leaves. 
Draw Cardinal on red construction paper. 
Use crayon or marker to add finishing touches. Cut out Cardinal. 
Draw a limb on paper when dry using black crayon or marker. 
Glue down leaves and Cardinal.