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Monday, April 15, 2019

Drawing Paintbrushes

Idea inspired by Instagram art teacher,

Cinco e Mayo quilt pattern

What is Cinco De Mayo?

This is a beautiful quilt made inspired by Cinco De Mayo!

 This is the plan for the design for our version of a paper 
Cinco De Mayo quilt. 

 There is a simple one for the older kids to add their own designs to before they color. 
For the younger kids, i made one a little more detailed with a zig zag for them to color. 

 We used crayons to color our desgins. 
 The design can be mounted to a background piece of construction paper. 
You can use a hole punch to add areas for string to decorate the edges of the artwork. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Post It Art

4th and 3rd grade Friday classes

2 Neat videos by 2 eccentric artists that create 
Art on Post-it notes

Teeny Weeny CHallenge video

Monday, April 1, 2019

Citrus Study

 Study the anatomy of a citrus fruit. 
Going over vocabulary will help out more when drawing the fruits. 
Slice, wedge, segment, zest, pulp, walls, etc.
4th grade artist practice sketching her citrus

 Use colored paper to draw an assortment of citrus in variations of form all over paper. Use a variety of colors. 
Then draw same citrus blend on colored or white paper. Outline with a marker, cut out and glue down to background paper. 

5th grade Soape/Tuesday class

Rowdy, Wesley, 
Abby, Jaylee, 
josilyn & sawyer
 Kailyn an Madison

I found many ideas for this just google imaging:
lemon illustration print pattern vector seamless
Alternative Method
Drawing on white paper. Outline with Sharpie. 
Highlight with non washable white crayon. Online with washable markers. 
Paint with wet brush...

Another idea...
Leave the lemons black, white and grey.
Use marker to add spots to the background and do a water brush blend.
Looks beautiful.

4th grade Smartt/Tuesday class

Mrs. Smartt's class below

 Faith, Avery, 
Campbell, Cavern, 
Anonymous & Harli 

Sketch from my 7th grader at HeartWorks in Quitman.

Another idea (I'm kinda inspired by these citrus!)...
Crumbled Citrus  Batik
Draw with Pencil
Outline with Sharpie

 Color Hard with crayons (non washable)
Anything white must be colored white as well.

Crumble up picture 3 times and crush into a tight ball each time. \
Smooth out on surface. 
 Cover with a layer of brushed on black tempera paint.
 Water down the paint and sponge off leaving only paint in the stained cracks.

Pop Art Citrus
Inspired by Burton Morris