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Friday, November 11, 2011

frozen moments

So many loose ends left undone,
when I finally have time to tie, they are all unspun...
Things I forgot or just kicked to the side,
things i somehow intentionally let slide,
the bottom of the list that will never be complete,
so many little things laying right by my feet.
I am forced to choose between what really lasts,
till those forgotten "to do"s are a thing of the past...
I need a moment to freeze so I can look at my face
to confront all the issues of this fast pace.
when i finally sit down  to see myself eye to eye
peering into the mirror i begin to cry,
realizing how all this time had passed unfairly by.
Did I get enough in that really will sink,
because after this short moment after I blink,
it will have passed me once more,
so these sweet memories I must store
in a place in my heart
in the tenderest part.